Our Top B2B eCommerce Blogs of 2020

Our Top B2B Ecommerce Blogs of 2020

2020 has been a year of stringent research and outreaching development in the B2B industry. We as a B2B company picked our pace and catered to deliver some of the best solutions and information of the industry. Over the past year, we have published more than a hundred new blogs and have been helping individuals and organizations leverage the power of digital transformation and business automation – INSYNC spent hours creating, curating, developing and deploying solutions and content to cater to the audience all around the globe. Let’s check out some of the top B2B eCommerce blogs of the year 2020.

Top B2B eCommerce Blogs of 2020

1. Top B2B Marketplaces in the World – The Ultimate Guide

The B2B industry is filled with B2B marketplaces trying to cater to and provide the best for their customers. Today many businesses are looking for top B2B marketplaces that can offer them a bundle of features, offers, and services and can help them grow at a high rate. There are various such B2B marketplaces that offer immense opportunities for sales and growth. We compiled a list of marketplaces that offer you the maximum chances of reaching out to the global market. Check out some of the top B2B marketplaces right now.


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2. Shopify Handshake: The New Way to do eCommerce

Shopify Handshake is a brand new wholesale marketplace built and operated by Shopify and provides a variety of advantages for both retailers and wholesalers. It acts a hub for online wholesaling, that connects both wholesalers and retailers. Read the blog and know all about Shopify Handshake now.

Shopify Handshake

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3. 26 Amazing Productivity Tools For Remote Working

With remote working being the new normal, essential productivity tools must be employed to churn out profits. In the following article, we listed down our top picks for some of the best productivity tools from various categories that can help organizations and their employees stay an edge ahead in this era of remote working. Here are some of the best productivity tools for remote working.


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4. B2BeCONNECT Mobile App – B2B eCommerce Made Simple by InSync

In 2020, INSYNC stepped into the world of mobile commerce with the launch of the B2BeCONNECT Mobile App – a smart, robust and powerful eCommerce solution that helps B2B marketers and business owners work with processes and operations with ease and accuracy, maintaining uniformity of data and seamlessness within systems. Employ this powerful solution to introduce B2B features to your store and enjoy perpetual business growth.

B2BeCONNECT Mobile App - InSync steps into Mobile Commerce copy

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5. How to Sync WooCommerce Product Images using API

Syncing product images has always been a challenge in WooCommerce. However, with B2BeCONNECT for WooCommerce, now you can easily upload images and associate them with products using the same WooCommerce API and authentication. Not only you can associate an image to a product while uploading the media, but you can also attach multiple images to a product using the same API. Read along the article to know how APIs help in product image sync in WooCommerce.


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6. What’s New in WordPress 5.5 – Major Features and Enhancements

WordPress 5.5 was set to launch in August and it brought a ton of new features including automatic updates for plugins and themes, HTML change for custom logos, new default XML sitemap and the revamped Gutenberg Editor. Check out the blog to know the WordPress 5.5 major features and enhancements now!

Whats New in WordPress 5.5 - Major Features and Enhancements

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7. Top 8 B2B eCommerce Mobile Apps to Grow your Business

B2B Mobile Commerce is expanding quickly with the availability of mobile apps to customers. Mobile apps are more successful in expanding the customer base than a webpage. This is because of the convenience of shopping it brings to a customer and the ease of use it comes with. Check out our blog to know some of the top B2B mobile apps.

Top 8 B2B Ecommerce Mobile Apps to Grow your Business

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8. INSYNC emerges with a new Brand Identity – Inspired By Connections

Even though the world around us had somewhat stopped, InSync’s belief in making the best use of the time did not falter. With this in mind, InSync was glad to put efforts into the existing experience and come forward as a brand new, revamped and redesigned IT solution company – a new identity that inspires us to connect and speaks of synergy and collaboration.

In the time of Isolation, INSYNC embraced UNITY and came forward with a new identity for itself as well as for its users and hopes to bring forward more smart and intelligent business solutions. With the new facelift, INSYNC wishes to propagate the message of consistent innovation over time and bringing newer and better offerings to businesses around the globe. We have pushed our limits to Initiate, Interact, Influence and Inspire and provide better Commerce, automation, efficiency, experience, connectivity, sustainability and success.

Say hello to our new look!


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9. The Growth in Mobile Commerce in 2020: Impact of Coronavirus

Since Coronavirus hit, hundreds of businesses have adopted mobile commerce promptly. Online shoppers have increased worldwide which makes it the best opportunity for e-commerce businesses to exploit. This is because customers are dependent on the digital market now more than ever. Read along to know about the growth of mobile commerce due to coronavirus.


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10. Top B2B eCommerce Trends in 2020 – Part 2

B2B eCommerce has been rapidly evolving in recent years and has become a necessity for businesses. With so many trends emerging every day, a business needs to prioritize the trends which would suit their type of work the best, given the time and resources that are there at their disposal. Here are the top B2B eCommerce trends you can follow in 2020!


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