How to Set Up Your WooCommerce B2B Store : A Complete Guide for Wholesalers

What is B2B?

B2B or Business to Business is a type of business transaction that is conducted between two businesses i.e. a Wholesaler and a Retailer. This type of business has saw a recent boost due to the digitization where more and more Wholesalers wished to go online.

B2B and WooCommerce

B2B features are completely different from the generic B2C or Business to Consumer Business and by default WooCommerce supports only B2C or Business to Consumer type of features. You can achieve the B2B business-specific features by using 3rd party plugins. But you must use many different plugins to achieve some of the features of B2B business

Custom Development & API

Though the business processes of different businesses are different, the base principles are the same and developing a custom application specific to a business may incur a huge amount of time and money. It’s advised to go for a readymade and industry-approved package that gives plug-and-play features for the store ready to be used the next day. Also, it is very important that the plugin should have support for the REST API as nowadays all applications need to be connected to each other using REST API. Imagine a WooCommerce store connected to SAP ERP and syncing all the data. The probable solution is B2BeCONNECT.

Now deliver a stellar B2B Commerce experience with INSYNC Commerce. Also, if you have multiple systems running in your business, connect all of them under one single platform to automate the process and improve your productivity and efficiency!

B2BeCONNECT Features

Given below is the list of all the features currently B2BeCONNECT has.

Company, Contact Persons and Credit Limit

Create B2B Companies, assign different contact persons within the companies and allow Credit Limit for the Companies. Credit Limit can be used as a payment gateway for your customers. You can also assign different privileges to your contact persons like order limit, monthly order limit, admin rights, etc.




Customer-specific Pricelist

Create different pricelist for different customers based on your relationship. You can also CSV import your pricelists and allow both Fixed as well as Percent discounts for your customers.


Volume Discount of Tier Pricing

Offer your customers the “Buy X and get each at Y price”. Using this feature, you can manage infinite tiers of pricing levels for your customers. For e.g., you can also use this as Buy 1 Get 1 Free using a discount of 50% above quantity 2.



Special Discounts, Product Group Discounts, User Group Discounts

You can manage period-specific discounts like a Holiday Sale and specify discounts with custom Product Groups or custom User Groups. Create as many Groups as you want and use those in providing category-level discounts for both products and customers.

Now managing all these discounts may not be easy but with the Discounts Preference Manager, you can specify the priority at which these discounts will be applied.





Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Let your customers be able to return items purchased through Credit Limit. The customers can ask for a partial return like 4 out of 10 quantities or 5 out of 10 products purchased. After the approval of the return request, the calculated cost will be again returned to the customer’s available balance (Credit Limit).


Custom Invoicing Feature

By default, WooCommerce doesn’t generate any invoices for customers. But now you can generate a custom invoice for your customers. You can either opt for an instant invoice or you can generate an invoice from an ERP or CRM.



Multiple Warehouses with automated Warehouse selection

Create multiple warehouses based on shipping zip code ranges and assign product quantities for each of those warehouses. Auto-select the best warehouse based on the user’s address while placing an order.



Order Approval System

Using the Order Approval system, you can make order approval a must before processing the order. You can create an unlimited number of approvers within a Company with different levels of approver limits.



In a B2B Business negotiation on price plays a key role in customer satisfaction. Using the quotation feature, you can let your customers request quotations on selected products and once approved by the merchant, customers can place orders with the negotiated amount and quantity.


Customer Favorite List for quick ordering

In WooCommerce B2B, it can be tedious to visit each product page and add items to the cart. Using a Favorites List, customers can not only save frequently ordered items but also search for products and add them to the cart from a single page. Now no more navigating between product pages.


Multiple Shipping Addresses

By default, WooCommerce supports only one address for billing and shipping. Now customers will be able to create multiple shipping addresses and choose one of them while ordering. All the addresses created by different contact persons of a company will be available for all the contact persons while placing orders.


Sales Representatives

Your customer may not always be able to place orders. Let your Sales Rep place orders on behalf of your customers. A sales rep can be associated with unlimited companies and a Company can have multiple sales reps if required.


Two Factor Authentication

Allow your customers to log in using secure two-factor authentication. Allow the admin to decide who will get the SMS and who can log in with OTP.

All the above-discussed features play a key role in a Wholesale Business whether it’s WooCommerce or any other ecommerce platform. Along with these features, B2BeCONNECT has more features to cater to the needs of various businesses. Now all these features come with prepackaged REST API support so that you can sync with any other applications.

Let us take your business to glorious heights – allow your merchants to deliver an exceptional B2B eCommerce experience to your customers and connect all your business applications under one platform.


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