A Fully Hosted
and Integrated
B2B eCommerce Platform

Built for Distributors, Wholesalers
and Manufacturers


Simplify the Complexities
of B2B Commerce with Efficiency

INSYNC Commerce is an Integrated B2B eCommerce Platform that helps manufacturers and wholesale distributors to simplify the complexities of B2B buying process for their customers and improve business efficiency.

It enables B2B organizations to launch faster in the market, achieve better digital discovery and boost eCommerce sales & ROI. The platform offers best-in-class B2B features along with in-built integrations with the other applications (such as ERP, POS and CRM, etc.) to create a future-proof business that can scale with agility!

B2BeCONNECT B2B eCommerce Extension
B2B and D2C eCommerce Solution
B2B and D2C
eCommerce Solution
PWA Powered Platform

PWA-powered platform for seamless digital experiences

Responsive & Customizable

Responsive & Customizable Webstore Themes

Integration with other apps
In-built Integration
with other apps
Products and Sales Growth
Unlimited Bandwidth, Products and Sales
Secure Platform
Secure Platform with SSL Certificate (Storefront & Checkout)
Zero Transaction Fees
No Transaction Fees for managing and selling your products.
24×7 Support
24×7 Support by our Ecommerce and Integration Experts

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Successful B2B eCommerce for
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Enable the Best-in-class B2B eCommerce features suited for all industries.

Ecommerce is speeding up more than ever and the thing that will keep growing B2B organizations like you ahead in the game is how quickly B2B buyers can make a purchase online from your webstore and how well you can deliver the experience they are looking for!

INSYNC Commerce helps you handle complex B2B scenarios, like:

INSYNC Commerce is Powered by Magento

Flexible B2B Platform

Customize and expand your B2B functionalities with powerful commerce features.

Scalable B2B Solution​

Scalable Solution

Connect your backend applications with your webstore and scale your business.

Easy Integration

In-built Integration

Get an integrated experience right from the very beginning and never lose track of your data.

Expert Support InSync

Expert Support

Get seamless support from our experts along the way to drive your complex requirements.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Improve efficiency, minimize operational cost and empower innovation in your business

Gain Full Control of your Business and Become

With powerful tools and customizations, you get in-depth reports and real-time data to plan better for growing your business! INSYNC Commerce helps you create an accurate estimate of demand using past purchasing patterns from your customers.

  • Showcase well-categorized digital catalogs
  • Maintain accurate product data with live inventories
  • Plan procurement backed by accurate data
  • Launch new products in the market quickly
  • Improve order processing accuracy by 80%
  • Eliminate delayed orders and backorders
  • Process 3x more orders with the same team!
  • Scale your webstore as your business grows
InSync Commerce
InSync Commerce for personalized business requirements

Offer personalized experiences to boost your eCommerce sales and ROI.

If you have specific business requirements, INSYNC Commerce will be there to collate all your needs and provide you with the right solutions. INSYNC Commerce helps you offer exceptional and Intuitive webstore setup and management with responsive, customizable web-store themes

Witness the true power of connected commerce and transform the way your business operates!

  • Move existing customers online and expand your horizons
  • Sell on various channels and increase revenue
  • Reduce cost and time involved and boost efficiency
  • Take control of your inventory turn and cash flow
  • Streamline distribution channels into a single sales channel
  • Integrate business applications for seamless data transfer

Get Started with INSYNC Commerce

Improve your digital discoverability, order processing efficiency
and empower your team to boost productivity

Cut Down Your Operational Cost.

We Got You Covered for Every Situation.

No Platform?

INSYNC Commerce offers smart B2B-capable eCommerce platform directly integrated with the other back-end applications.

Have a platform but lack of seamless integration?

INSYNC Commerce offers complete bi-directional sync of data and business objects between the applications.

Got multiple applications?

INSYNC Commerce facilitates the streamlined integration of the B2B eCommerce platform with other apps such as ERP, CRM, POS, etc.

Enable Omnichannel Commerce

and Ensure Delightful CX

Efficient and Fast Order Fulfilment

With INSYNC Commerce, manage complete and end-to-end order lifecycle from a singular B2B eCommerce platform. Enable a streamlined and distributed Order Management system that fulfils complex business requirements and facilitates multiple warehouse options.

Streamlined Distribution Channels

Wholesalers | Distributors | Manufacturers

With its integrated B2B eCommerce capabilities, the platform facilitates business scaling by allowing users to manage and sell through various channels: website, physical store and marketplaces.

customer service-Insync


Customer Experience

Offer unparalleled customer service with an optimized website, seamless integration and management, marketing collaterals and analytics at your fingertips. Enable your customers to order from anywhere and engage with you through various channels – the true essence of omnichannel commerce.

Gain a competitive edge in this evolving digital market.

INSYNC Commerce will help you streamline your B2B eCommerce strategy and maximize business productivity!

Enrich your Customer Experience 5X with a Dedicated Service Portal

Offer a smooth warranty management process and a robust servicing platform

Simplifying Complex Scenarios

Easy Repair and Replacement

Automated Self-service Interface

Hassle-free User Journey

Warranty management is one of the most crucial tasks for B2B businesses. INSYNC Commerce Service Portal Module allows B2B merchants to offer a self-service experience to their users. This is a self-service and management platform that assists the users to have their products registered for warranty and to claim them for repairs. 

Admin Activities:  

  • Bulk-upload product serial numbers with warrant period
  • Input fixed or repair costs
  • Approve warranty-register requests
  • Input repair cost after offline evaluation
  • Update statuses of the service request documents

User Activities: 

  • Register warranty for a product
  • Check list of registered products
  • Check warranty at a later stage
  • Make a service request for in/out-of-warranty products
  • Make online payment for the order placed.

Craft Delightful Digital Experiences with PWA technology

PWAs are the future and with INSYNC Commerce, you get the power of becoming future-ready and highly adaptive! Backed by PWA technology, our B2B eCommerce platform helps you get your digital catalog online and deliver seamless experiences across all devices. This will help you launch your web-store faster than ever and create more engaging and reliable commerce experiences. This means more trust and more business! 

Benefits of PWAs for B2B businesses

  • No need to build a separate mobile app
  • No hassle of developing and hosting an app
  • Quick implementation and cost effective
  • Discoverable on search engines, unlike mobile apps
  • Faster loading times and reduced bounce rates
  • Better website performance and improved SEO
Integrate Business applications

Witness the Power of an Integrated and Automated B2B eCommerce Platform

Integrate an array of business applications and customize to suit any B2B needs

With INSYNC Commerce, leverage the facilities of a stable B2B eCommerce platform and experience seamless integration between applications and business processes. Enable automated solution offering, data management and business uniformity across all channels.

Integrate an array of business applications and customize to suit any B2B needs.

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