INSYNC CSR Activities

The Beginning

InSync Tech – Fin Solutions Ltd. is committed towards a long-term, sustainable development of the society under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme. Over the years, we have experienced difficulties in treasuring employable skilled youth, out of lakhs of graduates and degree holders. Today’s youth lacks in prerequisite skills and knowledge, it is essential for them to learn and enhance it. This will fetch them a respectable position to serve the society. Educational institutes are unable to produce employable youths catering to the needs of the society as because in education, a student learns about the subject theoretically but have no practical knowledge to implement in the relevant industry. Thus InSync believes in bridging the gap between the industry needs and the education system to make the youth employable and has engaged itself with a newly established higher education institution at Siliguri, West Bengal namely Inspiria Knowledge Campus in an advisory role.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between

IT industry and Academia

To increase
Employable youths
InSync Solutions is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and our community’s initiatives are to confront the areas of education, employability and entrepreneurship. As a part of InSync’s CSR activity, the organization focuses on creating long-term value, by creating employment potential and opportunities for the students of the institution.
Making a difference
The objective of this engagement is to foster a close relations with InSync which will allow the institute and its students to have broad access to industry-focused quality education. InSync will contribute for overall skill development of the students, guidance and counselling on industry specific skills and knowledge, shall be provided with great internship opportunities of the institution and on-job industry training on various functions of an IT business etc. With InSync’s commitment to CSR and sustainable practices, it aims to train the students of Inspiria to be industry-ready with the potential to become the brightest employees of any organization.
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