Our Business Continuity Plan Throughout
the Pandemic

As a globally leading Digital Solution organization, it is crucial for INSYNC that we continue to maintain the pace and performance of our business and deliver to our customers with the highest level of dedication, enthusiasm and availability in the time of the pandemic.

Business Continuity Plan-INSYNC

Since the past year and a half, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit all sectors of businesses and organizations are constantly taking steps to counter it. From healthcare to manufacturing, the impact has been severe. To avoid bottlenecks and workforce management issues, companies have quickly adopted to stronger data strategies that help them respond to the growing tide of their business. We have witnessed a rise in the work from home ratio for employees in the financial, IT and healthcare sectors. Also, we have seen a shift of retailers from offline stores to online ecommerce platforms.

As a company that enables digital commerce, INSYNC supports these transforming solutions and is ever more determined to help its customers achieve success in their verticals and cope up with the global crisis. Hence, it is important to clearly audit and amalgamate our Business Continuity Plan to ensure enhanced customer experience, perpetual business productivity and increased growth.

As our CEO MR. Atul Gupta has stated

“It is our utmost priority to deliver the best to our customers even during the pandemic, and also to keep our health in check.”

Atul Gupta

Our Business Continuity Plan

INSYNC is an organization with the vision of digitally transforming businesses into smart commerce solutions. With the outbreak of the pandemic, INSYNC was ever so more needed to support the growing need for digital infrastructure and solutions. Being built for such challenges, INSYNC was prompt in accepting the new changes and came forward with a Business Continuity Plan that ensures sustenance, top-notch delivery and growth for us as well as for our partners and customers.

IT Infrastructure

We were quickly able to adapt to the new scenario and offer efficient IT support for either a hybrid or a completely work from home module.

Being a digital commerce solutions company, Team INSYNC is distributed across various cloud-based tools and platforms which facilitate regular operations and working.We initiated our BCP plan from the very beginning when pandemic hit, and unforeseen situations were measured, while we planned for countermeasures.

IT Infrastructure


We are well-equipped to work from anywhere with necessary resources and tools available.

With the pandemic, Team INSYNC needed to update its operations approach to adapt to the transition and cater to/retain the customers. To address the global catastrophic situation, we have been supportive and understanding – enhancing our relationships with vendors, partners and customers. We offer availability during off hours when in need and continue to provide real-time support for customers and partners, etc. To prepare for the worst possible outcome, we identified certain contingency plans so that any harm inflicted would not be too severe for us.


Sales and Support

Sales and Delivery

Employee Well Being and Team Spirit

In the time of this pandemic, we have made sure all the employees feel as if we are one big family! We continually support our team with whatever they need to ensure business continuity, increased productivity and motivation.

Keeping employee well-being in mind was also one of the major concerns for INSYNC, especially during the pandemic stress. After all, the workforce can be productive and capable of nurturing customers well, only when they are managed and at peace themselves.

Employee Well Being and Team Spirit
Vaccination Drive-INSYNC-2021
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