INSYNC Vaccination Drive 2021 – In This Together!

The coronavirus pandemic has been really taxing for the world. Just when humankind was walking towards the path of healing itself, localized waves of the coronavirus pandemic continued its rummaging. The year 2021 arrived with a new strain of COVID-19 infection to torment India. Adding to the misfortune, the coronavirus infection proved to be devastating enough to cripple the health infrastructure of the country and cause over thousands of deaths every day.

Amidst all this catastrophe, life went on. INSYNC kept up with these testing times and restructured its operations by putting down a detailed business continuity plan, that not only ensured the safety of the employees but also safeguarded the customer experience as well. INSYNC has always been this organization that never hesitates to run that extra mile for a good cause, be it for clients, employees or the society at large.

With the advent of the vaccination facility, the demand for vaccines skyrocketed and there arose a paucity of supply at that given time. Soon enough, INSYNC could sense tension building among their employees who were constantly worrying about their own health and of their loved ones. Hence, once again, INSYNC brought all its resources to the table. To ensure that all the employees and their family members could attain vaccination quickly and conveniently, INSYNC organized its first-ever COVID-19 Vaccination Drive 2021 in partnership with CVC Apollo Clinic Newtown and arranged for a hassle-free system of vaccination for the employees and their dependents.

INSYNC Vaccination Drive 2021

INSYNC Vaccination Drive 2021 was held on the 29th of May within the INSYNC office premises itself for the ease of commute and to make the employees feel at home. Prior to the drive, Google Forms were rolled out to employees where they could enroll their names and of their family members eligible for the Vaccine. This not only helped INSYNC to figure out the number of attendees and their demographics but also helped in planning around the office infrastructure accordingly. Since the state was in lockdown, all the attending employees received passes for hassle-free travel. Furthermore, a day before the vaccination drive, a team meeting was arranged for all the employees who were attending the drive to provide detailed instructions.


The positive responses from around 250 employees along with their family members was overwhelming. A few employees proactively stepped up as volunteers for the vaccination drive, determined to make the noble initiative a success. There were a few challenges at hand, like following social distancing guidelines when more than 250 people would attend the drive and how to avoid queueing especially where senior citizens were involved. INSYNC, however, thought through every bit of this and laid down an efficient plan, making sure all the pre-requisite challenges were dealt with.


The vaccination drive was spaced out over two floors. Room 814 was dedicated to the employees for self-vaccination, room 914 was allocated as the vaccination center. Keeping in mind the possible mobility issues of a few dependents, the adjacent room 912 was designated to the registration of the dependents of the employee and the space was further utilized as a waiting area once the dose was taken. Separate time slots were given out, to avoid experiencing a rush at any given time. To maintain the flow and efficiency of the process there were always 3 professionals vaccinating simultaneously. The health and hygiene parameters observed by Apollo were top-notch and truly commendable. To maintain the transparency of the process, the vaccinees were given a QR code to share their feedback and photos. Stickers were issued immediately with time so that the vaccinees could wait in the waiting room for 30 mins to ensure safety.


The steps taken by INSYNC have been well appreciated by the employees and their circle. INSYNC has shown that they care not only about the physical health of their employees, but also the mental well-being of them and their loved ones. As CEO Atul Gupta has said, “Problems of this scale can’t be handled by any government or Institution. It needs all hands on the deck to make a difference.” INSYNC has truly acted upon it and won over hundreds of hearts by their noble gesture and showed their employees a ray of hope during this crisis.

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