INSYNC Hackathon 2021- Acing the Hybrid Hackathon yet again!

INSYNC Hackathon is a 34-hour event held annually that gives employees the absolute liberty to innovate and produce groundbreaking discoveries that mark the perpetual growth of the company. The event not only encourages modern technologies but also welcomes ideas that suggest better and efficient ways of doing mundane things.

INSYNC recently organized its 8th annual Hackathon event- INSYNC Hackathon 2021 on the 24th – 25th of September. INSYNC saw its first hybrid Hackathon in 2020 that supported the inconveniences of the pandemic. After the success of the first hybrid Hackathon, 2021 faced the second hybrid Hackathon with zeal and, all the teams have collectively made the event a success yet again! Since all the employees cannot join physically from the office, so the hybrid arrangement has been curated with care, accommodating the needs of all the employees.

INSYNC as a company aims at innovating and delivering digital commerce and business solutions that help you transform the way you work. With an expertise of over 15 years in the integration market, INSYNC offers to connect all your applications seamlessly via its integration platform APPSeCONNECT, to improve your productivity and efficiency. Also, with its robust B2B eCommerce platform INSYNC  Commerce, the organization caters to revolutionize the game for B2B eCommerce merchants by providing the best in class platform for an integrated and streamlined experience. Connect for a Demo now!

The course of events – INSYNC Hackathon 2021

The preparation of the event started back in August. Even though the teams could not meet in person, but the communication was done over Microsoft teams, best-featured topics were selected, and teams were formed. Everyone eagerly waited for INSYNC Hackathon, an event full of energy, bringing disruptive ideas and new technological advancements on the digital front that would bring a complete functional revolution into the global IT ecosystem.

Prior to the event, an employee poll was conducted, with three options, work from the office, where the participant would participate from the office for the entire span of 34 hours, work from home, where the participant would be aided by digital communication and would have to join from home through the entire duration and lastly, hybrid, where participants would come to the office on one of the days and join from home on the other. To present an overview, exactly 50% of the workforce joined from the office and 50% from home, thus making INSYNC Hackathon’21 a true hybrid model. Nonetheless, connection, harmony and understanding among all the 17 teams with 100+ members were flawless and made the annual event nothing less than a success.

The teams contributed to deliver some innovative and high-level solutions like:

  • Building deep comparative research docs, marketing battlecards, B2B compliance reports for global merchants
  • PWA theme development, and enhancing PWA features in our B2B Digital Commerce Platform – INSYNC Commerce
  • Developing in-depth integrations for software like BigCommerce, Shopify, Uniconta, SAP S/4 HANA etc. through our APPSeCONNECT iPaaS platform using the visual builder – ProcessFlow,
  • Enabling Digital Commerce through Dynamics CRM
  • Incorporating RPA to automate leads prioritization in Dynamics CRM
  • Streamlining and automating the HR engagement platform
  • Enhancing and ensuring a scalable architecture for B2B Digital Commerce in our product INSYNC Commerce
  • Building analytics for Magento community – KPIs to watch out for merchants
  • Enabling Omnichannel Digital Commerce: Twilio implementation for Magento community
  • Real-time P&L and Compliance Report (Dynamics CRM, Zoho Books, GST)
    And many more!!

The teams were mentored by 8 mentors, Samarendra Kishor Ghosh (VP- Technology at INSYNC, Digital Transformation Consultant), Narottam Das (Business Solution Consultant, VP Process Strategy at INSYNC & Automation Expert), Jhilik Dasgupta (VP- Marketing at INSYNC, Design Consultant and UX Enthusiast), Sagorika Sanyal Goswami (VP- Talent Acquisition), Milan Dan (Information Technology Manager at INSYNC), Niraj Agarwal (Founder & CEO of Cyberyog Technologies, Accredited cybersecurity expert, exPwC), Shailendu Verma (President at Outperform IT, SAP ERP Expert) and, Ravi Kedia (Founder EasyReports and Orchid Techincal Consultancy P Ltd).

The entire event was thoroughly planned and arranged in a way that it could bring the best out of the teams. At every step, the mentors constantly advanced their help to the teams. Had it not been for the mentors, it would have been nearly impossible for the teams to deliver the results so efficiently within the stipulated time.


The most enriching, competitive, and heated section of the event was the review procedure. INSYNC Hackathon’21 had its Jury of 4 panels. Panel A comprised of Abhishek Sur (VP Products at INSYNC) & Avijit Paul (VP Delivery at INSYNC), Panel B comprised of Subhajit Goswami (VP Global Business Development at INSYNC) & Md Riaz (VP Customer Success at INSYNC), Panel C comprised of Abhishek Sur, Avijit Paul, Mr. Atul Gupta (Founder & CEO of INSYNC), and Alkesh Agarwal (Cofounder @ Re-feel & Clublaptop | Angel Investor @ | Serial Entrepreneur), and Panel D consisted of Subhajit Goswami, Md Riaz & Ajai Singh (SAP Delivery at Acuver Consulting).

Each team went through 3 review processes, and the Jury panel reviewed the projects of the team meticulously and provided them with timely guidance, tips, and in-depth understanding on the scope of the projects, the approach they should take, how they can overcome the challenges and what might be the best ways of completing their deliverables. During the review process, all the team members joined, either in person or on the Microsoft team, to deliver their findings and developments. Our honorable CEO, Mr. Atul Gupta participated in all the review sessions and provided encouragement and enhancements to all the teams.

From previous years’ experience, we have learnt that all the teams would be very well coordinated and streamlined, internally. Therefore, based on that the planning was done and executed in an exceptionally smooth and efficient manner. To create the atmosphere and the feel, for the employees joining from home, exciting goodies from Snackible were delivered at their doorstep to keep their spirits high. For the employees joining from the office, an elaborate spread was laid out, starting from Breakfast, Lunch, snacks, and dinner on 24th to 25th in the same order along with the goody bag to take home.

When we hear about Hackathon, we tend to associate it with grave topics and serious technical discussions, but at INSYNC, we are aligned with our playful side too. Alongside Hackathon’21, a selfie contest for social media was conducted. Participants posted with the #InsyncHackathon21 and we came across wonderful enthusiasm and zeal within people.

INSYNC Influencers

Sagorika Sanyal Goswami and Sharmistha Chatterjee have awed INSYNC with their wonderful gesture. They participated in the photo contest not as a contestant but as influencers and gathered 400+ likes on Facebook in a day only to encourage others to join. On asking them why they would not contest as they would clearly win the competition, they replied, “…we only wanted to encourage people and show them where they could get with right networking and optimism”

Madhubanti, having recently recovered from covid-19, not only participated in Hackathon but also displayed exceptional zeal and Aparijita Warispuri, proved that distance is only a state of mind. We do not always have to be present to remain Connected.




The event finally ended on 25th September and 5 teams were recognized winners of INSYNC Hackathon’21. As the jury says, this year participants have surpassed their expectations and have brought to the table very superior quality projects. Furthermore, Hackathon’21 has been the first Hackathon where INSYNC’s APPSeCONNECT has been put to use. INSYNC is delighted to witness such ground-breaking innovation and thanks to all the teams for their effort to create, build and deliver out-of-box solutions and enhance the business processes of a working organization. Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the participants.

INSYNC is an organization that designs, develops, and integrates Digital Commerce Solutions that help businesses across the world to skyrocket their growth, embrace digitization, enable omnichannel commerce, and improve efficiency.

We are excited for Hackathon’22. We hope to bring more innovative and productive solutions for business owners and individuals who want to attain perpetual growth and increased productivity.

Till then, stay safe!

Let us take your business to glorious heights – deliver a stellar B2B eCommerce experience to your customers and connect all your business applications under one platform. Get started now!



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