Top B2B Marketplaces in the World – The Ultimate Guide

The way the marketplace functions has changed completely. The expectations of the vendors, suppliers, and buyers have completely changed and the purchasing and selling patterns are no longer the same. The competition has changed completely which has led to a rise in newer technologies and businesses shifting or adapting to online businesses.

Today many businesses are looking for top B2B marketplaces that can offer them a bundle of features, offers, and services and can help them grow at a high rate. There are various such B2B marketplaces that offer immense opportunities for sales and growth. We have compiled a list of marketplaces that offer you the maximum chances of reaching out to the global market.

Top B2B Marketplaces in the World


Founded by Jack Ma and Peng Lei 18 years ago, Alibaba is the leading platform for the wholesale of goods globally. This marketplace follows an extremely strategic and aggressive approach which has resulted it in staying at top of its games for many years. It has especially become a hub for Chinese entrepreneurs to showcase their products. With a customer base of more than 35 million, Alibaba is one of the most seamless platforms for many trading services including B2B, B2C, and C2C. It offers a wide range of services to its clients which include online fund transfer, mobile commerce, digital auction, e-commerce, and digital shopping. It has more than 50,000 employees and generated an income of approximately 6.2 billion due to the versatility and unique facilities it offers to its manufacturers and buyers.


Headed from New Delhi, TradeIndia is one of the leading marketplaces in India, which a customer base of over 3 million registered users. With basic and exclusive membership offers to its sellers, this marketplace takes part in both national and international competitions and events for trade. It offers various services to its sellers which include credit reports, leads, dial b2b, trade reports, business catalogs, and call me free. With over 12000 categories and subcategories for products, it caters to various industries ranging from machinery, home décor to agriculture. Apart from these achievements TradeIndia is also the premier SME partner of Google.


One of the first B2B platforms registered with NASDAQ, Global Sources in a Hong-Kong based B2B marketplace which was founded in the 1970s, which makes it one of the oldest players in this industry. With its segregated services of exports and imports, this platform has gathered over a million active users monthly and has also helped in the GDP growth of various countries. It offers a huge inventory, unique media options, and even hosts online trade shows which provide sellers to display their products to the best of their advantage and interact with various buyers in a seamless way. It offers its users a safe place by allowing features like functionality, durability, customer service, and design to name a few.


IndiaMart is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in India and 2nd globally to Alibaba is an e-commerce platform that facilitates B2B, B2B, and C2C sales through its portal. With a daily customer base of more than 1.6 million, and more than 3 million subscribers on its list it offers various seamless services in the form of a basic and premium membership to its clients. You can find almost anything you look for on this e-commerce platform which makes it an even greater attraction for manufacturers who wish to reach out to audiences globally.


Built-in 1998 under the leadership of Focus Technologies Co. Ltd, Made-In-China is a leading B2B marketplace for the sale of electronic products where it sells products from China and Taiwan. This platform has gained its popularity due to being extremely cost-effective yet ensuring a high quality of products at the same time and manages to seamlessly connect manufacturers from China and Taiwan to various buyers across the globe. Some of its unique features include providing the users with a 360’ panoramic view of the manufacturing sight using virtual reality to show the high standards using which products are produced. Today, this platform can be accessed using 10 plus languages and is available in 25 categories followed by 3600 sub-categories of a wide range of products that it sells. It also came to be known as the first e-commerce marketplace to carry out a comprehensive review of paid suppliers.


Born as a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC, eWorldTrade is known to be the B2B e-commerce platform for lead generation as it is expanding rapidly and improving its client base every day. Users ranging from B2B, B2B, and C2C can access this platform and be assured of reliability and security in their transaction procedure. This platform offers 10 free leads to any users who sign up and is known for having the lowest wholesale rates and the fastest delivery services to be available.


With a geographical extension of more than 14 countries, Amazon is definitely making its mark as the leading e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers across the world. This platform has exceeded everyone’s expectations and providing the best results and productivity. One of the reasons it is so popular is due to its delivery services which provide and secure and efficient platform to make deliveries. It is also a very safe platform for conducting transactions as well with immense scope of growth and sale for your business.

Finding a B2B marketplace for selling your products is never an easy job. The mentioned B2B platforms are one of the best marketplaces to expand your business globally. We hope this article was helpful. Let us know your feedback on the comment section below!

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