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In 2021 the ‘New normal’ has seen an accelerated rate of adoption of digitalization. For the last two decades, futuristic trends like digital commerce and automation were at the forefront, but after the global crisis, it has become a survival strategy for businesses. INSYNC, an organization providing Digital Commerce Solutions globally, has put its best foot forward in delivering the best-in-class solutions and authentic information of the industry.

Over the past year, we have published more than a hundred new blogs on various topics that we perceived our readers would find helpful. Besides focusing on leveraging the power of digital transformation and business automation, we also believe in empowering our community with knowledge. With this desire at heart, INSYNC has researched, curated, filtered, and innovatively created content that would enrich audiences worldwide.

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Top Digital Commerce blogs of 2021.

10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting an eCommerce Business

In the current age of technology, anyone can easily set up an eCommerce website, but most overlook the intricate processes involved in building a successful eCommerce Business. Selecting just the best eCommerce platform isn’t enough to become a successful eCommerce business. It is necessary to invest time, attention and consider various aspects while building it. Thus, we have listed the top things you need to consider while building a successful ecommerce business in this blog.

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Microsoft Business Solutions: The Journey So Far

Microsoft Business Solutions are some of the best applications in the market. Working around Microsoft Business Applications in recent times can sometimes get very overwhelming because of the variety of solutions it offers. Therefore, check out the blog to demystify the journey of Microsoft by learning more about its background, its entry into the PC World, and finally its entry into the Business Application World followed by everything one needs to know about Dynamics 365!

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for B2B Businesses – A Complete Guide

INSYNC has successfully adopted the Account-Based Marketing strategies for the B2B eCommerce sector. Here is a detailed guide for you to explore and learn how we have leveraged on the best practices and have witnessed growth in our digital marketing efforts. Feel free to check out this blog and implement the same for your B2B organization and witness skyrocketing growth in terms of conversions and revenue!

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Magento vs Shopify vs WooCommerce: A Detailed Guide for You

Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce are the best eCommerce platforms in the market today. If you are planning to open an online store and thinking about which e-commerce platform to choose, then this blog is for you. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three brands and make the best decision for your online business today!

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INSYNC Vaccination Drive 2021 – In This Together!

During the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, INSYNC kept up with testing times and organized the COVID Vaccination Drive, and arranged for hassle-free vaccination of employees and families. Through two successful vaccination drives organized in May 2021 and August 2021 respectively, INSYNC achieved the complete Vaccination of its employees. Check out the blog to know all about it.

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Insynchrony 2021 – Our Hybrid Annual Dashboard

Amidst the unprecedented times, in 2021 INSYNC was back with its annual event INSYNCHRONY 2021. The event followed a hybrid model and neatly demarcated the roadmap to achieve growth in the coming days. Check out the event highlights and how we addressed the age of Digital B2B Commerce, growing and scaling in the current ecosystem, and embracing the new normal in this blog.

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Webinar: Successful B2B eCommerce for Wholesalers and Distributors

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, online operations became the primary method for carrying out business processes. B2B business owners, manufacturers, and wholesalers need a solution that could best cater to the needs of their customers and streamline operations as well. At this hour of need, our product, INSYNC Commerce has offered successful B2B eCommerce for wholesalers and distributors to help business owners improve their B2B workflow. Check out the webinar to achieve perpetual business growth.

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INSYNC Hackathon 2021- Acing the Hybrid Hackathon yet again!

INSYNC Hackathon is a 34-hour event held annually that gives us the absolute liberty to innovate and produce groundbreaking discoveries. INSYNC Hackathon 2021 despite being the 2nd hybrid Hackathon, saw remarkable success, zeal, competition, and creativity from the participating teams. The event not only encouraged modern technologies but also saw innovative ideas and high-level solutions that suggested better and efficient ways of doing mundane things. Check out the blog to know more.

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Top 15 eCommerce SEO Tricks That Work!

SEO is one of the most important aspects of any eCommerce business that is willing to grow. Creating enjoyable content is not enough in this competitive market. Most of the online traffic on Google comes from the first page, so if you want your content to rank high, you need to check out this blog to learn the smart SEO tricks and techniques that work the best. Boost your traffic now!

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B2B eCommerce Solution: 13 Key Features to Look For

B2B solutions need certain features that facilitate growth for merchants. While there are many platforms in the market that offer multiple features for B2B, each eCommerce solution is still extending its capabilities to provide better B2B functionalities and help organizations take advantage of a more robust experience. Read this blog to identify the top-sorted features of a B2B eCommerce solution that one should look for.

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How Robust B2B eCommerce Can Solve Wholesale Distribution Challenges

As the world fast tracks towards digital transformation, competition in the market grows tighter. The pandemic has changed consumer behavior for good, and competitors are constantly trying to gain a competitive edge in the market. Amidst all the unrest employing a robust B2B e-commerce platform is the only way to eliminate wholesale distributor challenges and gain excellence in business. Read the blog to learn how!

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INSYNC Team Outing 2021 – Corporate Office Party

The proverb “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” stands as true today as it was years ago. INSYNC has a long-standing tradition of an annual team outing. However, in 2021 keeping the pandemic in mind the annual team outing was organized with caution maintaining safety protocols. It has been a truly memorable opportunity for everyone to bond with each other outside of the office and get to know each other better. Read the blog to know more.

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Getting Started with SAP Business One Starter: The ERP for Startups

Even if new startups and small businesses have the potential to become industry giants, they often fail to do so due to the lack of proper tools and resources. SAP Business One has recently launched the SAP Starter Package to help micro and small businesses. The initiative aims to equip these industry segments with the technology and strategies needed to be future-ready. Want to learn what the initiative has to offer to its customers? Check out the blog now.

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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – The IT Backbone of INSYNC

INSYNC recently achieved successful Dynamics 365 CRM implementation across the company. Read the blog to get a firsthand insight into the journey, the challenges faced, the lessons learned during implementation, and know why it is necessary for your business in the long run.

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INSYNC Commerce Wins FinancesOnline Great User Experience & Rising Star Awards

Reminiscing about 2021, we have realized that it has been the little wins that have kept us motivated throughout the year. FinancesOnline conducted meticulous research by comparing INSYNC Commerce with some of the most prominent digital commerce platforms, and we were thrilled to announce that we checked all the boxes and rightfully received awards for being the ‘Rising Star’ and for providing a ‘Great User Experience’ as an eCommerce Platform in 2021. To know more about it, check out the blog.

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The year 2021 has been a very productive year for us. We have undertaken challenges, ventured into new opportunities, and successfully deployed automation and digital transformation to organizations spread all over the world. We value connections, people, data, and technology above anything else and constantly strive to create value out of it, nurture ideas and enable growth to make businesses smart.

These were the top blogs of 2021, brought to you by INSYNC, that professionals and businesses across the world have found helpful and have interacted with, the most. Our team has conducted meticulous research and has handpicked topics that we hope you will find helpful.

Want to eliminate your eCommerce challenges and gain excellence in your business? Employ our robust B2B eCommerce Platform that helps you transform your eCommerce game. Get started with your B2B eCommerce store and gain a competitive edge in the market!

Also, if you have multiple systems running in your business, connect all of them under one single platform to automate the process and improve your productivity and efficiency!


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