How Shopify Manages Canceled Orders or Refunds


Depending on your return policy, you sometimes need to refund or cancel orders. Refunding needs to be done when an order is canceled or refunded. Refunding an order also increases consumer confidence in your product and helps you to win back your business through excellent customer service. Let’s see how a user can manage canceled orders and refunds in Shopify eCommerce!

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Understanding Advanced Order Management with B2B Ecommerce


When it comes to a B2B or Wholesale ecommerce system, the basic order management feature offered by any ecommerce software not always match with the B2B business cycle and hence the need for an advanced order management system. The basic order management simply allows contact persons to place, edit and delete orders. Let’s check out the Advanced Order Management with B2B Ecommerce!

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Distributed Magento Contribution Day 2019 | India


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that has been serving the market for over 11 years now with the constant desire of creating distinct digital retail experiences. “Distributed” Magento Contribution Day brings together the physically closely located enthusiasts under one roof and makes the most of knowledge sharing and technical enhancement. APPSeCONNECT was the host from Kolkata. Check it out now!

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