Top 8 Integrated B2B Ecommerce features for SAP ERP


The majority of B2B or Wholesale businesses are switching their offline business to online stores with the help of global B2B Ecommerce solutions. On the other hand, integrating SAP ERP with a B2B Ecommerce via an integrating platform can easily boost B2B business processes. Let’s see what are the best features of the Integrated B2B Ecommerce store for SAP ERP!

Understanding Advanced Order Management with B2B Ecommerce


When it comes to a B2B or Wholesale ecommerce system, the basic order management feature offered by any ecommerce software not always match with the B2B business cycle and hence the need for an advanced order management system. The basic order management simply allows contact persons to place, edit and delete orders. Let’s check out the Advanced Order Management with B2B Ecommerce!

Stimulate your Customers with Magento B2B Credit Limit feature


Relationships matter the most when you are in a B2B or Wholesale business. To keep your B2B Customers, you should have a very good relationship with them. Good relationship invites credit policy for the buyers when they are buying in bulk. This B2B Ecommerce feature lets customers buy products and pay later using their Credit Limit. Check it out now!

How to Create Custom Product Catalogs in Shopify Store


Custom Product Catalogs and Pricing are an essential feature for a B2B or Wholesale Ecommerce store. This article shows you the steps in which you can achieve custom product catalog and pricing in Shopify. Check it out!

5 Types of Users for your B2B Ecommerce Store


To make a B2B or Wholesale B2B Ecommerce store successful, User Management plays a very crucial part in defining different roles and capabilities of different users. Here are the Types of users for your B2B Ecommerce store!