Understanding Advanced Order Management with B2B Ecommerce

When it comes to a B2B or Wholesale ecommerce system, the basic order management feature offered by any ecommerce software not always match with the B2B business cycle and hence the need for an advanced order management system. The basic order management simply allows contact persons to place, edit and delete orders. It neither supports hierarchical order approval system nor it supports quotation system.

What is B2B Order Approval Feature?

This is a feature in a B2B ecommerce portal where site admin can set different approvers for a company.  The approvers are given a limit of minimum order value which requires approval. For e.g: A company can have 3 approvers:

  • Approver 1 with minimum value $2000
  • Approver 2 with minimum value $3000
  • Approver 3 with minimum value $5000

Now, any contact person of that company who orders goods matching the said amount, their orders need to be approved by the respective approver. The approver can approve or reject the order for that contact person.


Benefits of B2B Order Approval Feature

The main benefits of this order approval feature can be listed as follows:

  • Order management becomes more easy and controlled for companies having existence in many different geographical locations
  • Induces managed user access for an ecommerce site
  • Adds an extra level of security to the order fulfillment process
  • Helps to manage more complex B2B business cycles

Quotation Management

This is another important feature worth mentioning in which the buyer can negotiate with the seller for the price and amount of goods. This also fall under advanced order management system in which approval is required by the seller. The quotation management system sets a process in which the negotiation process and approvals are handled automatically by the ecommerce system and buying becomes a breeze for the buyer.

How Does Sales Quotation work?

The contact person of a company generates sales quotation for an item or group of items. He or she can edit or delete the quotation from his admin dashboard. Whenever a sales quotation is generated for an order, the site admin gets a mail notification. Th site admin can accept or request the quote and also can send messages to the contact person. This process can have multiple levels of communication for a single sales quote.

InSync’s Integrated B2B ecommerce solution provides these couple of features out of the box for Magento or any ecommerce and helps you to automate you B2B business by integrating your ecommerce with your ERP. Given below are some example of order approvals and quotation from our Magneto B2B module B2BMage:

b2b order approval


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