5 Types of Users for your B2B Ecommerce Store

To make a B2B or Wholesale B2B Ecommerce store successful, User Management plays a very crucial part in defining different roles and capabilities of different users. The product catalogs and price-list are also defined based on these types of users. Though many subcategories of users exist, we can broadly classify the B2B Ecommerce users into 5 categories

1. B2B Companies:

These are company accounts which buy wholesale goods from a B2B Ecommerce store. These accounts are created on request and act as the base or the parent user for its child users, known as Contact Persons. The contact persons are the one who performs the transactions on behalf of the company. Different types of discounts and product visibility are generally granted on these B2B Company accounts.

In a B2B Ecommerce website, these types of companies are categorized into Customer Groups to facilitate the product and price variations of the web store.

2. B2C Users:

These users are the general retail users of an ecommerce website. There generally don’t perform any wholesale transaction and do not have any parent company account.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

3. Contact Persons (Admin):

These types of users are created under the B2B Company accounts and perform all the transactions on behalf of the company. They can place orders on the company account and billing address. The admin can view orders of other contact persons of the same company. The admin can add other contact persons of the company as well.

4. Contact Persons (Non-Admin):

The same as the contact person admin, the only difference is that they neither can create other contact persons, nor they, can view orders places by other contact persons of a company. They can, of course, place orders on behalf of the company.

One important thing to note is that Contact person admin has the power to approve the orders places by other contact persons and can send quotations prior to placing orders

5. Sales Representatives or Sales Reps:

These are the users belonging to the B2B Ecommerce company who places orders on behalf of any B2B user accounts. One sales rep can place orders for multiple companies. These users act as a bridge between the B2B Ecommerce and its wholesale customers to facilitate the wholesale business.

The above 5 categories are the main user categories in any B2B or Wholesale Ecommerce store. We may have different Roles and Capabilities for all these types of users, which makes different ecommerce features accessible for the users.

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