Keeping Sight of Sitemaps

If I had a dollar for every question I got about sitemap validation errors, I’d be friends with Donald Trump. For those of you getting errors when submitting your computer-generated sitemap(s) to Yahoo! and Bing, first check to see if extended sitemap protocols are listed in the root element at the top of your sitemap.xml […]

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Stay Ahead of Heading tags

HTML heading tags are as much important to users than they are to the search engines.But even more important is to properly use them in your template.It stands to reason that following Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide would be common practice for commercial template providers, but unfortunately SEO has been an afterthought for many […]

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SBOeConnect- The integration solution

integration solution

The Integration Solution It all begins with a solution. How do I integrate my online store with my back end ERP? Do I need to reenter all data? But then it means that we will need more resource in terms of both machines and manpower and of course money. The initial challenges started from the […]

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Holiday-shopping season!-Managing your storefront build on Magneto integration with SAP Business One ERP

Magneto integration with SAP Business One

With holiday-shopping season quickly approaching, now you need to plan accordingly how you can manage the tons of daily transactional details, flood of customer information and in the meantime serve your customer on time. Managing  your online business with your back office is a big challenge and meeting this challenge is really tough and time […]

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How to enhance the performance of an e-commerce portal powered by Magento?


Magento ecommerce Hi friends, this blog is all about increasing the performance of your ecommerce portal with the help of Magento.Learn how to enhance the performance of your Magento ecommerce. Here you go. Magento is a professional open-source E-Commerce solution designed to provide merchants with an unprecedented level of control over their web-based stores. Magento’s […]

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