12 common Marketing Mistakes That Can Drive Away eCommerce Customers

12 common Marketing Mistakes That Can Drive Away eCommerce Customers -banner

Are you an eCommerce marketer looking forward to some killer inbound marketing strategies for your website? It can be emailed, social or content marketing or something else. Often you follow the trend that might not be working anymore, worse, it can drive away potential visitors. Here are some widely made marketing mistakes that  are proven to drive away eCommerce customers, hence sales.

Email Marketing Mistakes:

Generic emails & Daily blast

You don’t have time to segment lists and personalize individual buyer personas. You just blast an age old email with the greeting ‘dear customer’. What’s worse? Send that same email everyday hoping someone would click after getting irritated. A surefire way to lose customers. For reference , just check in your ‘junk emails section’ – the right place for such emails.

Wrong Messaging

You open the email that says’ lowest discount’ and the mail consists of products priced at a higher rate. How irritating!. Good titles that do not sync with the inside content might give you a good click through rate, but not good eCommerce sales.

Social Marketing Mistakes:

Overwhelm Pinterest users

Interest is the hottest thing to do, so pin all your thousand products all at the same time, clogging customer’s feed – wrong! Also, keep your Pinterest page same with your product catalog page. Do you realize if all retailers starts behaving that way, can Pinterest retain its sheen?

Same with Facebook and Twitter

Just like multiple mails and pins, bombard your FB and Twitter followers with sales posts and tweets, after every 10 minutes. You make sure to post the same content on FB and Twitter so as to save time!

Ignore Customer Service Questions

Now that you have thousands of followers, and some of them are posting queries regarding sales, you become busy. What if someone posts a negative review or a customer support query? Not answering them is a good way to show your ignorance towards post sale service.

Hashtags and more hashtags!

If Something is trending, go ahead and replicate with the same hashtags and create at least 4-5 hashtags in a sentence so that your posts remain in top trends for every single keyword.

Post Really Personal Photos on Instagram-

You have heard that posting personal photos on Instagram work- so start posting your pic with morning coffee or late night party  that has absolutely no relevance wo your product and service.

Informal Universal Tone

Social media is for the young crowd with informal outlook, so start every post with sentences like ‘ yo’ cool’ ‘man’ gotta’ that sounds cool and post the same content over and over again.Dont be surprised to know the considerable number of elder people enjoying Facebook just like their younger counterparts.

ECommerce Blog Mistakes

Sales Blog

You have a blog, useful to post fresh content that’s valuable for search rankings, so post a sales pitch and company information every single day, expecting hoards of visitors and sales thereafter. Make it an extension of press releases section of yours!

Keyword Stuffing

Meta tags- Title, description and keyword tags are very valuable for search rankings, so stuff them with their keywords. Hope to get instant rankings and lots of visitors irrespective of content. Cram as many keywords as possible. Google but will reward you richly for your efforts.

E Commerce Website Mistakes

Numerous Call-to-Actions

Post a call to action statements everywhere on your website, so as not to miss any chance of a sale. Leave minimal white space, don’t bother about different call to action, post coupons, and people would start buying right away.

User Experience- What’s That?

There are absolutely no need for white space, user-friendly navigation, user experience. Put information- wherever it takes. Ask for name and phone info on every page and make it mandatory for a viewer to fill it before they can approach.

Is there a better way to annoy customers? How can drop off a loyal customer? We are eager to know.

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