Microsoft Dynamics AX On Demand – Possibly in early 2014

Microsoft Dynamics AX On Demand – Possibly in early 2014

These days many organizations are moving towards adopting hosted enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions as an alternative to traditional, onpremise systems. Till date  Microsoft Dynamics AX customers had a challenge as there was no such alternative for it.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solution with comprehensive global business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management as well as additional industry capabilities for retailers, professional service industries, financial service businesses, manufacturers, and public sector organizations.

Till date only on-premise implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX is available from Microsoft, but gradually this scenario is going to change with the advent of cloud technologies. We can expect the On-Demand solution for this ERP to be released next year (2014) Q1 , which will make it more affordable with its next major release.

Microsoft has already achieved success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, the company now revealed a path for its ERP customers to move to the cloud, which will run on the Windows Azure platform. Customers will be able to move to the cloud on flexible terms. The solutions will bring the same benefits in the cloud as it do on-premises.

Microsoft Dynamics AX already has several advantages like it has an architecture that is multilayered which makes it very user-friendly for everyone and can adapt to a changing business. It meets regulatory requirements around 36 countries. It has a shorter implementation due to the familiar nature of Microsoft products with an average implementation time of more or less around 13 months which is several months shorter than its competitors.

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Now with the with the introduction of cloud, Microsoft Dynamics AX will be inheriting the following well known advantages of cloud computing as well –

●      Minimized initial investment – Will help to reduce your startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.

●      Getting up and running quickly – Will offer faster deployment options.

●      Managing cash flow better – Will support business as it grows with low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution.

●      Scaling the solution as needed – Will offer scalability that fits to organization’s exact needs and can be adjusted as needs change.

●      Maximizing internal IT resources – Will free up internal IT staff for tasks that provide more value to your organization.


So, we wish best luck to the users of Microsoft Dynamics AX for the upcoming technological breakthrough in their workplace if they wish so.

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