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The B2B business is a huge platform in the whole business industry. If you are planning to run a B2B business then your first plan will be having a perfect ecommerce platform which will help you to achieve your business goals as business goals may become challenging in coming days.

If you move your head around in the whole business industry then we may find thousands of B2C business and B2C solutions materials are available. But it is tough to find a perfect B2B solution which provides dynamic solutions and static stability.

Most of the client running their B2C business using the Magento ecommerce platform for a long time as Magento is a well-structured platform to run a business. However, in the passing days, many clients trying to move their business from B2C to B2B so they require a perfect B2B solution as well.

In the current year, we may find a couple of new released B2B solution by some known companies.  Within that, we can have a look at a relevant B2B solution which provides dynamic solutions and static stability which a B2B business always requires.

Here is the solution name which provides all possible require solution for a B2B business.


Insync Tech-Fin Solution LTD introduced this module which is compatible with Magento couple from many years back, however this B2BMage name newly introduced at the end of 2018.

It provides below main features which a B2B business requires, like:

  • Dynamic pricing
  • B2B payment method for B2B clients
  • Sales Quote Management
  • Contact person Management
  • Sales Representative Management
  • Customer specific product catalog


List of Magento B2B Features from B2BMage-

1. Dynamic Pricing:

B2BMage provides advanced pricing module which is also relevant to SAP ERP. Most of the B2B Business are maintained in Backend ERP such as SAP.

In B2BMage you can manage Special pricing, Tier Pricing, Pricelist maintaining and also customer group and Item group specific discount based on B2B Companies’ requirement. These features are not limited in the listing.

As per client’s requirement, custom pricing can be developed more flexibly. This module once side can be customized for different customers as well as relevant with Backend ERP.

Insync also provides Integration between ERP and Ecommerce which comes under additional benefit for a B2B Business.

2. B2B Payment Method for B2B Clients:

A business may have many payment methods which have 3rd party payment gateways involvement but B2BMage provides to their client an own Credit Limit feature which doesn’t require any 3rd party payment gateway involvement and can be provided separate credit limits to each B2B company and respective contact person can place orders by using that easily. B2BMage will do auto-calculation for each transaction if it is done by using Credit Limits.

3. Sales Quote Management:

In B2B business quote is a major part to deal and finalize any business. Not all B2B business can be done one touch check out. Multiple quotes are involved to finalize a particular B2B deal and it requires commercial discussion to implement that.

That is what can be done easily by using the Sales Quote feature. Customers can send a sales quote by listing some products in their cart and can ask for price consideration which later on can be converted to Sales Order by one click.B2BMage-magento-B2B-extension

4. Contact Person Management:

Contact Person Management is very important in B2B Business. Mainly in B2B Business, a company doesn’t place their order by itself. So multiple contact persons are involved in a B2B Company to place orders on behalf of a B2B Company.

This is exactly B2BMage provides. ALL contact persons are managed under a B2B company and they are also assigned two different roles like Standard and Administrator, restricted by different authorities.

5. Sales Representative Management:

Not all the time it is necessary to be present all contact person available in a company to place an order, so B2BMage also provides Sales Representative Management which allows a Sales representative to be logged in as a contact person and can place an order on behalf of a B2B company from the frontend easily.

This allows a B2B Company to run a business without any dependency on a particular domain.

6. Customer Specific Product Catalog:

B2BMage gives you the flexibility to analyze your product catalog based on customers and contact person. B2B Companies can have a specific product catalog in Magento. As per requirement Some products catalog or category can be generic and some others will be specific. This is fully customized as per client’s requirement.

The most willing part to have this feature because it can be integrated with any ERP and flexible to integrate data easily which is always a point of attraction for any B2B Client.

Get started with B2BMage – Magento B2B Extension to streamline your B2B business process!B2BMage-magento-B2B-extension

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