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Interface Design vs Interaction Design

In todays Web design world adopting a new terminology. Like me many of Web designers heard the new term interaction design, which use to refer to those doing interface design. As I came to know this term and that time I was wondering what is the basic difference between them? At least how they are […]

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Keeping Sight of Sitemaps

If I had a dollar for every question I got about sitemap validation errors, I’d be friends with Donald Trump. For those of you getting errors when submitting your computer-generated sitemap(s) to Yahoo! and Bing, first check to see if extended sitemap protocols are listed in the root element at the top of your sitemap.xml […]

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Stay Ahead of Heading tags

HTML heading tags are as much important to users than they are to the search engines.But even more important is to properly use them in your template.It stands to reason that following Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide would be common practice for commercial template providers, but unfortunately SEO has been an afterthought for many […]

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Google launches Google e-commerce Channel on YouTube

YouTube Commerce Hi friends, here comes the E-commerce play in YouTube.Now E-commerce merchants have the golden chance to business online through this Google E-commerce Channel. Google- the Internet Giant is becoming very popular on the eCommerce domain as it stretches its offerings to merchants who want to sell online. ‘Google Checkout’ one of the most […]

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Google Chrome Web Store – Storefront for web apps

chrome web store

Hi friends,a new feather added with the name of Internet Giant-Google. Google has come up with a new essence- Chrome Web Store.The chrome web store is Google’s online store for web applications for google chrome or Goolgle applications. This will be an open store front for promoting your web applications. Although Google has not launched […]

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