5 Things eCommerce Businesses Should Put in the Shipping Box

5 Things eCommerce Businesses Should Put in the Shipping Box  -banner

Are you an online retailer looking forward to increase sales from existing customers? There is a powerful tool that can potentially increase sales, average order size, and profitability – It’s none other than the good old shipping box!

It’s a no brainer how valuable repeat sales (those who have made more than 2 purchases) and return customers (those coming back for the second time) are for eCommerce business. Adobe points out in a research that almost 40% of US eCommrece sales happen through repeat shoppers whose percentage would not cross even 8%. Also, returning customers are likely to spend more with each order, as the trust factor enhances over the period. So, the point is, you should reach out to your existing consumers, but how? Email marketing tops the list but it’s a costly proposition, both for online and off line. The other way is to use a good old ‘shipping box’ as a direct marketing vehicle. The retailer is not spending anything extra and the penetration rate is excellent.

The only question remains, what to put in the eCommerce shipping box. Here are some ideas to enlighten you-


The most profitable stuff to put inside eCommerce shipping boxes is coupons. Coupons can enable a return customer to avail discounts or something extra. For example, EastBay , a leading apparel retailer provides discount coupons in the shipping box through which return shopper can get 15% off on a  purchase . Moreover these offers are easily traceable. Companies can easily track the lift in sales and strategize their next coupon distribution strategy.

Free Merchandize

What is more alluring than a free stuff? A free stuff in a way carries the message that you are serious to satisfy your loyal customers. It encourages existing customers to buy additional items and repeat purchase. Many apparel companies are putting an extra t-shirt as a gift to the customers who purchases more than 2-3 shirts. ‘Designed by Humans’ is one such company.

Review Request

There is a significant amount of evidence that shows customer reviews, (positive one), can increase your eCommerce sales graph . These review helps in 2 ways – bringing customer back and creating positive content that would encourage future shoppers to buy. Include a simple, easy to fill ‘review request’ in the eCommerce shipping box. See the response, and change the way to approach shoppers. One word of caution – Don’t try to pay shoppers against a review, that can bring a negative impact


The most easy and effective way to advertise and encourage existing shoppers to come back is to put a catalog or flyers that can help in upselling and cross selling. Expose your customers to more products that would entice them to buy more. It’s also an easy method to measure promotional activity.

Do you have any better ideas to make the shipping box, a potent direct marketing tool for more repeat sales? Please share with us.


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