7 Proven Tactics To Increase Your Sales Productivity


A productive and effective sales team is crucial for any business. Here are some of the best ways to improve your sales organization’s productivity.

Tactics To Increase Your Sales Productivity

Train More Effectively

Make sure your salesforce takes part in continuous training and development initiatives. This will help reinforce your company’s mission and values and prevent them from falling into bad habits.

Integrate Technology

Automation can take a lot of the grunt work out of sales, allowing your salespeople to focus on what they do best. Software platforms such as ERP, CRM and CPQ systems — when properly integrated into an organization’s infrastructure — have been shown to boost sales productivity significantly.

Utilize Social Media

Using social media to connect with potential customers is another important way salespeople can leverage technology to boost productivity. Social media gives salespeople a quick and convenient way to connect with customers at every phase of the sale — from networking to customer service.

Connect Marketing and Sales

In many organizations, marketing and sales are kept siloed and apart from each other. However, when these departments communicate and collaborate more frequently, they can work more effectively to help each other achieve goals.


Look at Different Metrics

Although it’s tempting to look at sales revenue as the key metric for determining the success of a sales organization, it ignores some important underlying factors. Measuring call rates, the average number of touches before conversions, and sales cycle length can provide organizations with crucial insights needed to improve their sales efforts.

Build a Winning Culture

Attitude is everything. That’s why building an internal culture where everyone pulls together and contributes as part of a highly motivated team is essential for building a winning sales organization. One way to do that is to implement a recognition program where salespeople are rewarded for meeting certain goals.

Stay Out of the Way

Although leadership is important in any successful sales organization, there is such a thing as too much leadership. Part of being an effective manager is knowing when to get out of your salespeople’s way and let them do their jobs in the way in which they’re most comfortable.

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