10 Best Magento Extensions You Must Have in 2019

Magento is one of the most widely used and trusted eCommerce platforms in the world today. Millions of businesses have employed this eCommerce solution and have gained unbeatable success in their industry. However, Magento does not provide everything a business owner might or must need. There are a lot of available extensions in the market that cater to provide specific actionable functionalities in Magento.

Here are some of the best Magento eCommerce extensions!

1. B2BMage for Magento B2B

b2b-mageB2B module is the next big thing when it comes to scaling up your eCommerce store. A B2B Magento store caters to a wide variety of customers via its unparalleled service offerings. B2BMage is one of the most robust and best-in-class B2B extension for Magento which introduces B2B functionalities within the Magento store. Features like special pricing, tier pricing, volume discounts, credit limit, etc are all included in the extension. This extension transforms a simple Magento store into a Magento B2B eCommerce platform.

2. TaxJar for Accounting and Finance

TaxJarTaxJar is an amazing Magento extension that deals with calculating the accounts and finance-based activities from the store. By automating processes like sales tax collection, reporting and filling, etc. this extension will surely save a lot of time for a company – all the sales taxes will be automatically filled up with proper categorization. This is a simple and lightweight extension that also connects to different channels like Amazon, eBay, etc.

3. Adroll for Marketing

AdrollThis is a marketing, remarketing and advertising growth platform that acts as an extension in Magento. It is easily compatible with Magento and drives more sales through the high-performing campaigns that can be scheduled as per the user’s requirements. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use and saves a lot of development time by completing necessary tasks. Adroll automatically provides the Adroll Pixel that gains your store more visitors. Adroll also provides a premium feature – generating dynamic product ads!

4. Nosto for Content and Customization


Nosto is an awesome extension for Magento eCommerce that allows displaying customized product recommendations online. Nosto also provides AI-powered store personalization for retail and digital commerce leaders. It analyses data points across an entire store in real-time and enables users to build, deploy and optimize marketing campaigns without dedicated IT resources.

5. Advanced Search

advanced-searchThe advanced search extension from Aheadworks for Magento provides the users with immense possibilities to re-arrange and search the items from thousands of product pages and posts. Since it is based on Sphinx, matching keywords and products is on a different level – the use of this extension offers a more accurate and convenient searching experience.

6. Magento One-Step Checkout

one-step-checkoutThe last thing a Magento store owner would want is to observe abandoned carts. The Magento One-Step Checkout ensures to generate more revenue with the existing lead generation. It is a paid extension but worth it – amazingly coded with unparalleled support by the Magento Community. It integrates product checkout pages into one and prevents abandoned carts, speeding up the buying process.

7. Stripe Payment Gateway

stripeThis extension will enable the Stripe payment gateway on the Magento store. After employing this, a user will be able to send/receive payment through Stripe. It is a popular extension for Magento in the US since it is highly secure and processes actions fast. Also, it provides refunds to canceled or unsatisfied orders.

8. Magento Google Tag Manager

google-tag-managerTo track the critical visitor data from the Magento website, a user can employ the Magento Google Tag Manager extension. This extension allows to maintain and manage the Google Analytics events, Adwords conversion tracking, remarketing, etc. under a single roof. The Google Tag Manager can easily update tags and snippets which are related to Google analytics and marketing optimization. Even third-party tools can be edited. Cons – Only works on Magento 1.

9. Magento 2 Instagram Connect

magento-instagram-connectFinding new ways to keep on selling products is a challenge for business owners. The Magento Instagram Connect extension solves this problem by connecting your Magento store to the popular social media channel Instagram. This has become an effective way worldwide to showcase, advertise and sell products. The configuration is easy; images can be easily displayed and edited; Instagram connect allows a user to add hashtags at one go itself. Available for only Magento 2, this extension enlarges a user’s selling spectrum.

10. Multiple Languages/Translation

Many times, Magento store owners want to cater to customers of varied languages and geographical reach. The Magento multiple languages extension serves its purpose by creating your website in multiple languages. It is a comprehensive tool to level up a simple Magento store to a globally reaching multi-lingual eCommerce website with ease. This extension provides 100+ modules of different languages and helps an owner reach his target customers quickly.integrate-business-apps-through-appseconnect

In the Magento world, there are numerous extensions on numerous fields to help a business owner achieve what he wants to. While these may be the preliminary extensions to go about, there are no limits as to how extensions can change the game for Magento eCommerce. Stay tuned!


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