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When I moved back to India this year, an online retail store was the last thing on my mind. But, as luck would have it, I was roped in by a close friend to help him set up an online store to augment their wholesale business (I was a product manager in Microsoft Commerce Group so he took me to be the expert!). I started by reading up on what technologies exist to help us get online as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible. I soon realized that I will have to gather my own information by talking to vendors directly and doing my own evaluation, nothing existed in an easily-consumable form. It would have been so great to leverage someone else’s research.

So when the opportunity came to build a knowledge repository for online retail space to solve such a problem, I accepted enthusiastically; and here I am, writing this first post for RetailBiz.

The choice of Aug 15 (Independence Day) as our launch date is deliberate. We would like to set the knowledge free, and empower everyone to create, nurture and grow an online retail business of his choice.  Today is the first step in that direction, and an auspicious date to do so.

RetailBiz is an attempt to create a go-to place for entrepreneurs and professionals in online retail space to share knowledge and grow together. We will create tutorials, how-to, and whitepapers to get you started, publish expert opinions and interviews to help you nurture your business, and generate creative ideas and insights to help you grow your business.

While we will discuss business of online retail, we will place special emphasis on technology and business processes required to run a successful retail store online. This reflects our belief that online is a new (and disruptive) sales channel, and technology plays a critical role in separating achievers from also-rans.

If you are an entrepreneur or professional in online retail business, we will be your authentic source of information to create, nurture and grow your business. We will be mobile-friendly and will offer our content in sizes and formats that are easy to read on-the-go.

This is an invitation to join this initiative to support online retail space grow. Please provide us with your patronage and valuable feedback so that we can continually improve and serve you better.

Mrityunjay Kumar

Chief Editor, RetailBiz


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