6 Ways to Increase Your B2B Website’s Conversion Rate


For businesses, having a good conversion rate can significantly augment their success. After all, a conversion rate represents the percentage of customers who take the desired action. That action can be buying, contacting the company, filling out a form or many other things. The reality is that every business can benefit from an improved conversion rate. Even a 10% rise in your conversion rate can noticeably increase your B2B’s profit.

Your business’s website is an essential resource for converting prospects into leads. While small adjustments to your website can lead to some gains, you’d be better off focusing on the bigger picture. At the end of the day, quality content and presentation will have a more significant influence on any prospects. Taking the time to evaluate and modify your website will help you reach your target audience. Let’s have a look at six ways to boost your B2B website’s conversion rate.

1. Strengthen Your Offer

Although this has to do more to do with your business’s offline practice, it affects your online presence. Finding out if other companies find your offer appealing will help you devise a plan of attack. However, if you discover that the offer could use some work that allows you time to reevaluate. A brilliant way to conduct research is through trial closes. Running a few different trials will help you decide which offer is most appealing to other businesses.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

Be sure to consider offering some kind of guarantee, as well. Whether it’s a 30 day or a 365-day guarantee, this tactic can help sell your product or service. Businesses will feel more confident trying your offer with this buffer period. Guarantees are a surefire way to boost your conversion rate and build trust. Generally speaking, more extended guarantees fare better but only offer what your B2B is comfortable with.



2. Grab their Attention:

Captivating a prospect from the start can be what keeps them surfing your site. Dynamic content is critical to keep customers interested in your product or service. Optimize your landing page to make sure that it’s a showstopper. Remember that the first images buyers see can be what intrigues them to learn more about your B2B. Do your best to include pictures, videos, gifs or any kind of visual stimulation to capture prospects’ interest.

However, be sure not to let the words fall by the wayside. The text that you include on your website is equally as important. Perfectly placed headlines can compel customers to peruse your website further. Utilizing calls to action can also help prospects understand what they should do. Incorporating buttons that beg buyers to start a free trial or learn more can get your conversion rate climbing.



Captivating your audience has a lot to do with good writing and psychology put to use. To maximize your conversions via your copy, we strongly suggest you check out Trust My Paper to consult writing specialists and Crazy Egg’s recent guide on conversion copywriting.

3. Provide Proof:

“I have to see it to believe it” couldn’t be any more poignant in the business world than with conversion rates. Buyers need visuals, and that’s a fact. Your website should be filled with physical proof of what your product or service can accomplish. People are hesitant to invest in something they can’t see, let alone try. Use your website to eliminate any doubts from their mind with testimonials and case studies.

Your B2B conversion rate is sure to soar when you include plenty of social proof. Anything from customer reviews to testimonials counts as social proof. Anyone who is on the fence about your brand will seek out those positive experiences to help them make a decision. However, where you place your social proof is important, too. Your landing page and sidebar are ideal places for this information as they will be in plain sight.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

4. Use Credibility:

Especially if your business is on the rise, you need to flaunt any and all credibility you have. Your conversion rate will improve if consumers feel they can trust your brand. The idea of giving sensitive information to an unknown business may keep prospects from biting. An impressive website becomes worlds better with trustworthy certifications. A seal from the Better Business Bureau can put prospects at ease.



Furthermore, making sure firms like Verisign or TrustPilot recognize your website will boost your credibility. Although it may not seem like much, those logos help convince buyers.

Also, if your business has won any awards be sure to promote that, as well. Any accolades you can advertise on your website will impress prospects and push them to invest. Establishing credibility with customers can set the stage for your B2B’s success.

5. Facilitate Contact:

Ensuring that your business is easy to contact will give prospects the confidence to do business with you. Whether you have a physical business or not, be sure you include an email or phone number you can be reached at. These channels of contact will help enterprises to see your business as real. Live chat is also an excellent option for facilitating client contact. What counts is that you allow consumers the opportunity to reach out and start a conversation.

Conversations take time and the more time a customer invests, the more likely they are to buy. Match their investment and have a personal conversation with them. This way you can find out their needs, present a solution and then offer a proposal. Although this approach may lengthen your sales cycle, it will persuade businesses to work with you. Not to mention, it will allow you to present a price tailored to each prospect’s personal needs.

6. Refocus Your Audience:

A business’s website speaks volumes about them. Of course, a great website should be prepared to inform and captivate anyone who happens to stumble upon it. However, casting a wide net isn’t always the most effective tactic for converting prospects into customers. In fact, your B2B may find more success by narrowing its focus. The reality is that people who see your offer as most relevant to them will be your most likely conversions.

Social media is a great tool to refine your audience. Using targeted ads that are connected to your website can increase your exposure to your audience. Also, getting more traffic to your improved website will mean a higher chance of conversions. Prospects that are specially selected for your B2B may be more valuable than just anyone you visits your site. However, you shouldn’t view it as forgetting about everyone else as a great website can be appreciated by everyone.


Systematically working to improve your website is in any business’s interest. Whereas for B2Bs, it is vital to develop your website as your target audience is more specific. A great website can be your business’s lifeline. In fact, your website should be a mirror for your business and all that it offers. Great offers, brilliant content and the perfect approach are precisely what your website needs to help your business succeed.

Although, you ought to remember that merely making changes isn’t enough. It’s necessary that you also keep tabs on your conversion rate. You can’t tell if you’ve improved if you’re not paying attention. Whether it’s on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, be sure to keep an eye on your metrics. This will also help you resolve any website issues that arise and provide a better overall experience for customers.

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