Top 7 B2B Content Marketing Strategies You Need To Know



When it comes to selling products in a B2B scenario, it is very important to leverage and strategize content marketing very keenly. It is the content that is going to make the products sell and the company grow. It helps your customers get a clear picture of what they are going to get from you and a robust B2B content marketing strategy might just be a blueprint for a successful B2B content marketing team.

While there are a lot of things to keep in mind and practice while working on B2B-centric public content, nothing serves better than hands-on experience and rigorous research on what might work for a company! Let’s have a look at some of the most important and necessary B2B content marketing strategies that can skyrocket a company’s content to the next level.

1. Know your Target Audience and Analyze Customer Personas

When working with B2B content, it is essential to know which set of audience you would want to reach to. The industry is diversified, and it would simply be a waste of time if the content doesn’t cater to what the customers are asking for. It might so happen that something easy to you might not be even understandable by your customers. It is always better to keep an eye on what the customers want by referring to their questions and queries. A carefully crafted B2B content marketing strategy also helps us identify which areas to focus on which in turn, brings business to us.

Also, getting to know the detailed customer persona helps in better catering via the B2B content. Suppose, we know that a customer A falls under the persona of a developer and customer B falls under the persona of an implementer, it would be easier to provide both of them with pieces of content which would be relevant and really helpful for their sector of business. Using ranking keywords and phrases can help a company deliver B2B content to exactly the ones they want it to be read by.

2. Time for Some Trending Content

Once we are done with strategizing the target audience, what we need to do is create content that is demanded by the public users. “What” and “Why” are the basic questions every B2B content marketer should ask himself while working on a piece of content. The “What” defines the exact content that a B2B marketer is writing to cater to its customers. However, with a bit of deep research and thinking, it is also easy to gather the reasons “Why” they are going to read your article. Once the “Why” is answered, curating content around it becomes easy as the offering via the content hits on the exact pain point the user is facing. Knowing the “Why” for a content can help in focusing more on what the customers are in need of and delivering quality content, exactly as the clients want it.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

3. Know What your Competitors are Doing

The best thing you can do to keep on curating good quality content and making it worthwhile for your clients is to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. While you and your competitors work on the same page, providing rather similar products, offerings and services, this makes your competitors one of the most valuable repositories for your B2B content including topics of discussion, market approaches and which different strategies to follow or not. Also, having your competitors in close digital proximity enables you to adopt various other strategies. Running a comprehensive competitor analysis can also help you big-time – this would show you what the competitors are working on in the B2B sector, and from there, your B2B content marketer can build out similar topics or clusters that cater to your client base, filling the gaps and building more business opportunities.

4. Getting Personal with your Audience

Sometimes, the best thing to do in order to sell your product to various B2B merchants is to get all personal with the client and build a strong and healthy relationship. Maintaining personas, creating survey lists and looking out for what the customers need are all done so that we can personally reach and pitch offerings to that client. Personalized campaigns and promotions bring more out of any given opportunity – the goal is to target specific customer buying behavior/pattern and cater to them – product recommendations, customer testimonials, blogs and emails, all increase the level of interaction with the clients and hence an increase in their trust on your products and its credibility.
Social media is a brilliant platform to engage personally with clients via social posts and mentions, which incites the idea of you being able to deliver industry-required solutions.

5. Optimize the Use of Social Media

We will now know how important social media is in order to bring your B2B content into the light. Once you are set with your content, it is important for you to know where next to promote and advertise it in order to gain more viewers and churn more business. For a B2B content marketer, using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to share posts and ideas is a great way to reach out to prospected customers as well as existing, answer-seeking clients. On the other hand, there are several other platforms like Tumblr, Scoop It, Reddit, Quora, etc. which help you create a much stronger and robust social media presence by directly coming in contact with the clients. If the content is relevant and to-the-point and a B2B content marketer knows where to share and promote it, no one can stop that content from reaching the audience it is meant to reach.

6. Making use of User-Generated Content

A B2B module of business is way different than B2C. B2B is driven more by referrals and recommendations and a customer will rely more on the words of other customers. Products reviews and recommendations by other customers can be of great use to show the credibility of your business. It is imperative that you include such insightful data within your B2B content in order to clearly show what you offer and be proud of it.

7. Analyze Reports and Re-Work

The last yet the most intriguing strategy to follow while working on B2B content is to constantly analyze the market flow and customer pattern, and then re-work accordingly in order to cater to what needs to be catered. It should be the work of the B2B content marketer to dig deep and find tactics and methods at his disposal to re-brand his work and reach to more customers with improved quality of content over time. With constant metric evaluation, B2B content marketers can avoid the same mistakes again and again and connect to the clients in a much healthier way.While all of these strategies are deeply interwoven, it is completely dependent on the B2B content marketer to choose which way to move forward with their content marketing. By following these specific strategies, it is imperative that a B2B company would reach heights with their content and cater to the much-demanded, yet scarce knowledge of the B2B industry.

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