Top 9 Amazing Tips to Increase eCommerce Website Traffic

No matter what kind of a business you are, big or small, you want more people to know about it. The more people know about your business, the better the chance of them becoming your customers. For online businesses or businesses with an online presence, the best way to generate awareness for those businesses is to increase their website traffic. While modern conveniences have made it easier to start an online store or host a website, the competition for them to get the digital spotlight has also increased. Driving online traffic to the business’s desired digital destination requires knowledge of specific tips and techniques. Not everyone is aware of these techniques that can help them increase their website traffic. So we bring you a list of the top tips and tricks to help you grow your website traffic.

Amazing Tips to Increase eCommerce Website Traffic

LinkedIn Content Marketing

LinkedIn is a great networking resource for businesses. It enables users to connect with professionals from related fields and industries. With sponsored content on LinkedIn, one can compose content targeted to specific professionals they want. Performance measurement tools provided by LinkedIn helps users to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Posting regularly on LinkedIn not only boosts the business’s profile but increases site traffic as well.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a very effective traffic generation tool if used effectively. Posting regular content on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram with links that divert traffic back to the business website can be a very effective technique. Even if people don’t click on the links, regular social media interactions help generate awareness. People won’t visit a business website if they don’t know the business exists in the first place.

Have Content Variation

Content variety is the spice of digital marketing. While having keyword-rich long-form content is a tried and true technique to increase site traffic, it can become boring for the readers. Content variation not only keeps things interesting for the readers but also increases the audience reach as well. People who enjoy watching videos instead of reading will be more interested in video content and vice e versa.

Create YouTube Tutorial Videos

YouTube is an excellent traffic generation tool, yet many businesses overlook it. People require help with things eventually and often fall back on video tutorials for assistance. Having industry-specific video tutorials ensures people will keep coming back to revisit those videos every time they face difficulty. Having these YouTube videos t ask the viewers to visit the website or have links that redirect to the website can be a simple yet effective technique. Adding annotations containing the business website link can also be another technique of driving traffic from the videos.

Email Marketing

With new and more improved digital marketing methods implemented by the industry, email marketing often gets neglected. Email marketing, even today, remains a very effective method for generating website traffic. Email marketing is a targeted method of sending information to the customers, which the customer can engage with at their leisure. This makes email marketing more customer-friendly in comparison to other methods. The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is also easier to measure. Email marketing tools allow businesses to track delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, open rates easily.

Publish Industry Surveys

In today’s era of data-driven decision-making, publishing surveys containing critical industry data is bound to bring in interested people. By providing something of value makes the people take an active role in engaging with the content. People can also reference these surveys in their projects, which generates more traffic back to the website.

Targeting Long-Tailed Keywords

Long-tailed keywords play a vital role in online searches. A majority of online searches contain specific long-tailed keywords, so not using them when producing content means denying a significant chunk of the online traffic. Managing long-tailed keywords is primarily about having a good understanding of the target customer base. Long-tailed keywords come in handy closer to the point of purchase by the customer. Having a generic keyword such as “cars” is not likely to get good traffic from an organic search due to high keyword competition. Using a more elaborate keyword that is more specific such as “Electric cars for all-terrain travel” will get more traffic from customers who are looking exactly for that.

Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is one of the best ways to generate website traffic by piggy-backing on the popularity of someone else. Many new and upcoming businesses have grown significantly by collaborating with influencers with a large and dedicated follower base. Since influencers have a large social media presence, collaborating with them not only gives businesses access to the influencer’s followers but also improves the brand’s social media presence as well. It generates trust for the business among the customers too. The most effective form of marketing is through word of mouth. When the followers see their influencers endorsing a band, they tend to trust that brand as well.

Be Mobile-Friendly

With a smartphone in every hand, neglecting the mobile platform is a huge missed opportunity. Creating a mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour as more and more people access the internet through their smartphones. As of April 21, 2015, Google gives preference to mobile-optimized sites, which means that websites that perform poorly on mobile platforms are ranked lower during searches. Having a mobile-optimized site improves user experience and increases site visibility thus, resulting in improved traffic.

Those are our top tips and tricks for increasing website traffic. Implementing the above techniques is sure to increase your website traffic significantly.

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