Syncopation: A Learning, Development, and Workforce Upskilling Initiative at InSync

Syncopation An Initiative by InSync to Help the Workforce Learn, Develop and Upskill

Syncopation An Initiative by InSync to Help the Workforce Learn, Develop and Upskill

So, what is Syncopation? 

The word syncopation means shifting the normal rhythm of something. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have also shifted from the normal rhythm and flow that we were used to. Thus, Syncopation was brainstormed as an event to acknowledge our team members who were learning and growing themselves in this lockdown period.  

Syncopation as an event is the celebration of learning new things, getting to work outside of one’s comfort zone, overcoming one’s weaknesses, and to grow as an individual. At InSync, we believe learning is a lifelong endeavor, and thus, Syncopation becomes an event with the aim to promote learning and growth among our team members. 

How it all began. 

Once the concept of the event was nailed down, we started promoting it amongst our team membersThrough in-house advertisements, our teams were encouraged to participate in the event. The Reporting Managers of each team were encouraged to make their teams participate and have healthy competition among themselves. 

Forms were distributed among the teams for the members who wished to register for the event. They were to fill in the courses they did, the duration of it, and how it will help in their respective job roles. With all of it done, everyone started gearing up for the day of the event. 


Syncopation- A Celebration of Learning. 

On 12th September 2020, the first Syncopation event was conducted, in the form of an inhouse digital event. A 3-member jury from the Leadership Team was appointed to evaluate the nominations received and all registered contestants were given 2-3 minutes to present themselves, tell about the courses they did, to explain in brief about how their course would benefit their job roles within the company.  

All other team members joined the event as the audience and cheered for their favorite contestant. The competition was strong, all the participants had gone above and beyond to strengthen themselves, learning not only new things within their own fields but also other fields so that they may collaborate more efficiently with other team members and departments. 

And with this, the first phase of Syncopation was concluded.

The Day of Judgement 

In the following week of the event, the Judges came together to announce the winners of the competition. With such enthusiastic participants and tough competition, it truly was a hard task for the Judges to conclude on who the winners are. The winners were decided based on the following criteria 

1. Duration of the course 

2. The content of the course 

3. How relevant the course was to the participants’ job role, and 

4. How the course will help the participant in their respective job roles. 

Selecting the best from the bests was a tough task but the Jury finally declared the winners. And with this, the first session of Syncopation came to a successful conclusion. 


The Significance of the event. 

The first session of Syncopation was a massive success, with participants from all teams coming forward to participate and share their experiences. Not only was this a competition but also an event for all the team members to come together and connect. With the national lockdown still mostly in effect and the fear amongst everyone regarding the spreading of infection, everyone has been stuck in isolation within their homes. With Syncopation, everyone got to connect with each other after a long time and to learn and grow. 

Syncopation brought to light the team members who were working hard at home to improve themselves, acknowledge their hard work, and to encourage them to learn and grow more. This also helps encourage others who were not involved in such self-improvement activities to be inspired by their fellow team members to also start nurturing, learning, growing themselves. 

But wait there’s more! 

Syncopation is not just a one-time event, we are looking forward to more of it down the year, as a bi-annual or annual event, to showcase team members who are learning new things and keep on encouraging others to learn as well. But until then keep on learning, keep on growing and spreading the culture of learning & knowledge sharing as always in InSync. 

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