Secret Santa Walked In At InSync For Christmas!



Winters in tropical countries like India are months of a lot of fun and cheering. Not only is it the season of Christmas and New Year celebrations, but also the time of picnics, get-togethers, short trips; the season of enjoying dry leaves on the roadways and warming up with peers over cups of freshly brewed coffee. For corporates, however, the month of December brings an added excitement over the Secret Santa celebrations.

The Secret Santa game is a tradition whereby groups or communities, friends or colleagues exchange Christmas gifts anonymously. The Secret Santa brings us Christmas gifts and the recipient has to guess who their Secret Santa is! Be sure that the game is huge fun and excitement for everyone involved! 

At InSync, of course, Christmas celebrations don’t go without Secret Santa and a lot of other games! 😀

Our Christmas celebrations looked something like this…


Decked up in vibrant shades of red, green, white and black, our OOTD matched our celebration spirits! The dress code (red, green, white and black, again) went in tandem with the decorations, and the office environment warmed up to a few degrees higher as our enthusiasm went up. 😀

The day began with fidgeting over red and green balloons and setting up the beautiful Christmas Tree. Amazing gifts for the employees lined up and happiness went on a roll. We were soooo excited!!! Check out what awesome gifts the InSync family got for Christmas! ;P 


Following the cake-cutting ceremony, came in the most awaited part of the day – the Secret Santa game! Colorfully packed Secret Santa gifts were lined up under the X-mas tree and added glitter to the whole setup. Curiosity and excitement oozed out as we opened our gifts and guessed our Secret Santa’s. 🙂

Here is the Secret Santa Christmas 2019 video –

At InSync, Christmas and Secret Santa mean much more to us than a mere exchange of gifts. As much as getting gifts from anonymous people excites us, so does the idea and the preparations for it! As we closed in for the day after the celebrations, it was great seeing everyone head home for the holidays with a sweet smile and a happy heart!


Singing off for Christmas with warm wishes for all!

Merry Christmas!

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