SAP Customer Connection Program is going to close by 19th Jan 2014


What is this?

SAP Customer Connection is a program by SAP which is a simple process to incrementally enhance and improve the products and solutions of SAP. It offers SAP customers and partners the opportunity to suggest small enhancements to products and solutions in mainstream maintenance, providing a fast and non-disruptive delivery via SAP notes and Support Packages. Customer Connection is structured along Focus Topics, which are suggested by SAP or the participating user groups.

Customer Connection

Can we do it any time whenever we face issues with our SAP?

No, there are certain predefined schedules to open close this project for customers. The purpose is to collect all the ideas up to a certain point of time such that SAP can include them in their upcoming patches on the selected Focus Topics. SAP generally provides a two months’ time-frame to submit the enhancement requests. This time for India this is going to be end by this January 19 ‘2014.

Can we raise any issue for any product of SAP?

Yes, we can raise any issue or suggest any improvement regarding the concerned product, but that should be within the scope of the Focus Topics defined by SAP.

Is there any Focus Topic for our country as well?

Yes, there is a dedicated section for country specific topics. Following figure shows it for this session.

country wise topics

Where can we do it?

Visit either or to know more and do it there.

where customer connection

How can we do it?

SAP S-User ID is required to login to the above mentioned portal. And browse for the relevant topic out there. We need to subscribe the existing posts or create our own.

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