SAP Business One 9.1 now available in Ramp-Up

SAP Business One 9.1 now available in Ramp-Up

SAP Business One 9.1 now available in Ramp-Up, SAP just announced this news on June 23rd. SAP B1 9.1 and SAP B1 9.1 for HANA both can be previewed through this Ramp-Up version. Currently the Ramp-Up is released through the SAP Partners only and SAP Partners need to submit their SAP Business One Customer’s nomination through SAP Partneredge Portal who are interested to have a hands on experience on this new version.

Nomination Details:

For using the Ramp-Up of SAP B1 9.1 and SAP B1 9.1 version for HANA, you can use this link to submit your nomination. Once forms submitted, you need to regularly check the nomination status. Only officially approved Ramp-Up participants are granted to run SAP Business One 9.1 and SAP Business One 9.1 version for HANA in a simulated environment and will get all the supports required from SAP Global Support Team during the testing and usage phases, also they will be able to run all the standard processes and cycles through SAP Business One 9.1 and can check how the new features and improvements look like.

How SAP Partner can evaluate:

SAP Partners who are not participating for the Ramp-Up and nominations, can still download SAP Business One 9.1 and SAP Business One 9.1 version for HANA for testing and demonstration purposes using the Software Development Center.

What is expected from Ramp-Up evaluation:

SAP Global Support team will be closely in touch with all the nominated SAP Business One Customers who will evaluate SAP Business One 9.1, so it is expected that common bugs, performance issues and look & feel issues will be resolved instantly.

However since apart from Nominated Customers, many Partners and their representatives will also download, test and evaluate the new version and report their findings, so it is difficult to estimate the number of submitted incidents and whether all the reported incidents will be resolved or not in the initial Patch Level. Just like any other version we can also expect that with SAP B1 new Patch Levels will be released in near future with feature enhancements.

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