SAP Business One 9.0 -Now in Unrestricted Shipment

With the closure of the SAP Business One 9.0 Ramp-up Program, SAP is glad to announce the introduction of SAP Business One 9.0 in unrestricted shipment. SAP declared the release date for the same on May 9, 2013.

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SAP Business One 9.0, is the first major release of the Release Family 9.0. SAP has continued to invest in extending the core functionality of SAP Business One across a number of different business logic, reporting and analytics functions.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of this new Release:

• New and enhanced business processes
• Greater flexibility in reporting & analytics
• Centralized implementation framework
• Easier to install and upgrade
• SAP Business One Workflow platform
• New SAP Business One Studio Suite for customization
• Improved system architecture & performance
• Greater security compliance

[responsive]SAP Business One 9.0 - feature updates[/responsive]

SAP Business One 9.0- Feature updates

Bin Locations

Now warehouse can be setup (optionally) to maintain bin locations with four sub-levels available to setup required hierarchical structure in any warehouse of SAP Business One.

Inventory Counting

Inventory counting feature has been extended by adding more cycles and counting options. Separate forms, menus are now available to manage inventory taking processes. Analytics is also introduced to assist inventory counting.

Multiple Units of Measure

In SAP Business One 9.0 UoM can be used in various inventory related transactions to automate the pricing and quantity calculation within UOM groups.

Purchase Requests

The starting point of document flow in purchase cycle of SAP Business One has been enhanced by adding Purchase Request document. Branches and departments can now place purchase or procurement requests through SAP Business One.

Price Lists & Discounts

Price Lists and Discount Groups have been enhanced and new reports are added to work better with the new pricing enhancements in SAP Business One.

Payment & Deposit Cancellation

With SAP Business One 9.0 cancellation of payments with deposited cheques and automation around it is available.

Marketing Document Cancellation

The new SAP Business One 9.0 feature allows complete reversal of the relevant accounting, fiscal, financial and inventory transitions in one step. The marketing documents can be cancelled whenever something happened wrong on document creation. Credit memos or returns need not to be created unnecessarily to cancel any billing or logistics documents.

GL Account Determination

With the introduction of advanced GL determination rules in SAP Business One 9.0 now multi GL determination can be done with priority settings.GL settings are available for it.ems, item groups, warehouses, BP groups, federal tax ID, ship-to country, ship-to state.

Fixed Assets Integration

Fixed assets management functions are now incorporated in the core product with the advent of SAP Business One 9.0. Multiple accounting standards (like local, IFRS, etc.) can also be supported in parallel.

Drop Ship

In SAP Business One 9.0 Drop Ship process supports serial and batch managed items. Now we can setup or allocate serial numbers and batch managed items easily.

Landed Costs

In SAP Business One 9.0 Landed costs can now be created directly using the “Copy From” function from an AP invoice without the need of a Goods Receipt.

Item Cost on A/R Returns & Credit Memos

In SAP Business One 9.0 the item cost for an item that has been returned via an A/R Returns or A/R Credit Memo can be updated if it has no base document. A “Return Cost” field has been added to the A/R Returns and A/R Credit Memo documents to update the inventory cost at an item level.

System Currency Reconciliations

Internal reconciliation functionality in SAP Business One has been extended and new posting accounts have been added to enable automatic SC postings when performing any type of internal reconciliation.

As promised in the Preview version of SAP Business One 9.0, SAP is ready with their latest version of SAP Business One 9.0. If you are still using an older version of SAP Business One and want to upgrade to this latest version then go through this blog article – ‘Upgrade To SAP Business One 9.0’

Rejaul Haque