Prerequisite before deploying SAP HANA

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Upgrading an existing enterprise SAP ERP system to HANA platform may be challenging in terms of cost as well as various risk factors. To mitigate it, a phase wise migration plan can be best for many enterprises. But, where to start? What are options available for the first step to start with?

When evaluating SAP HANA for your business, remember to keep the following in mind: (1) How can HANA help your business? (2) What type of HANA solution do you need to achieve this? (3) How should you plan your deployment strategy?

Before deploying SAP HANA, an organization should take time to understand where SAP HANA can deliver maximum benefit based on the business goals.

Steps in the migration should primarily be as follows –

  1. Understanding the opportunities and its value in your business.
  2. Map the above to SAP HANA solution
  3. Deploy SAP HANA

In best possible scenario your migration plan could start with an early phase deployment of the SAP CO-PA Accelerator. It’s a Profitability Analysis tool with In-Memory Computing from SAP. Its implementation is easy, quick, and will help you not only technically but also strategically in the migration plan. It will facilitate organization to dig deep and structure the parameters such as the revenue which a product or service generates and the costs entailed to it.

SAP CO-PA Accelerator

So the BI solution for big data i.e. SAP CO-PA Accelerator can be implemented in parallel to your existing system without affecting the present day-to-day business operations. And once implemented, it will enable you to identify and answer many of the aspects of complete migration to SAP HANA at a later stage.

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