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Retail Enterprises running on SAP ECC 6.0 are increasingly using eCommerce as their platform for multi-channel commerce. Master Data set-up and management around erp system is a considerable investment for these enterprises. In this context, it becomes increasingly important to leverage the master data in SAP and translate it in form of product information management in eCommerce. It helps merchants to reuse the Master Data information of ECC 6.0 for their web sales channel without any data reentry and data errors.

Product Information Management – Why?

Product information management relates to procuring and managing data and digital assets from multiple sources in a way that helps the customers to view relevant information and make a decision on buying the product. The information in eCommerce SAP Integration can be related to any of the following categories

  • Content Management
  • Attributes
  • Digital Asset Management
  • User generated contents like reviews

Product Information Management at eCommerce if can be managed through reuse of SAP ECC Item Master Data, can help in below ways

  • Comprehensive data management and representation to the end customer
  • Advanced Search Engine optimization
  • Consistent user experience across channels with one underlying data.
  • Lower master data management cost by having a centralized master data management in SAP
  • Reducing errors which can be costly since your customers are viewing
  • Centralization and better organizational control on information is available across the globe

How to leverage SAP ECC for Product Information Management

If you are wondering then here is how you can get these done by integrating eCommerce with SAP ECC 6.0

  • Catalog Management

SAP ECC gives you the flexibility to manage entire product catalog in a convenient manner. Integrating eCommerce means that your product catalog is automatically synchronized with the categories information.

sap ecc catalog

  • Product Content Management

You can also define the short and long descriptions in SAP in a multilingual manner. Controlling this information in SAP means that you have a tight control of your content across different eCommerce stores.

sap ecc prouduct catalog - display text

  • Classification Data

Product attributes and their values are already available in SAP. SAP eCommerce Integration can help you in fetching product attributes directly from SAP and save time and effort in duplicating this effort.

sap ecc Display Char value

  • Digital Assets

Digital assets linked to your products can be uploaded in SAP and form the base of multimedia / brochures available for your customers to view in eCommerce.

sap ecc prouduct catalog - display base layout area


Integration SAP ECC with eCommerce provides you unparalleled advantage of leveraging SAP’s master data and putting across a comprehensive product information management in your eCommerce solution. Apart from the advantages already mentioned, it helps you in extracting more from your investment in SAP solution.

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