New Enhancements to come with SAP Business One 9.1


Today SAP Business One (SAP B1) is used in 330+ large enterprises in 2,100+ affiliates. So you may be either already working with SAP B1 or planning to work with it. Here are some information on latest SAP B1 which will help you to do more with it.

SAP AG is going to release its latest version, SAP Business One 9.1 soon. So again a new set of enhancements and features with this new version will obviously add value to SAP B1 community. But before going into the details of the areas which will be enhanced this time, let’s know what’s there already available with 9.0.

So the things which are already available around SAP B1 are as follows –

  1. With SAP B1 9.0 the latest Remote Support Platform 3.0 is really helpful for partners and customers to maintain their SAP B1 installations smartly and efficiently.
  2. A whole new increased set of Complementary solutions, like the popular Add-on SBOeConnect is now going to be delivered through APPSeCONNECT which is an integration platform for your eCommerce and ERP.
  3. SAP Netweaver technology platform integration solution 2.0 for SAP B1 which will obviously help you to be tightly connected with your partners those who are using SAP solutions. Moreover, integration with other SAP B1 and non-SAP solutions can also be done with the available integration components.
  4. SAP Crystal Reports 2011 can really help you out to build your own reports and document printouts.
  5. SAP Business One workflow can be used to configure your own custom workflow specific to your need.
  6. Bin locations and many more enhanced business logics are really worthwhile to improve business processes.
  7. You can move to SAP B1 for SAP HANA to have better analytics and performance for your large SAP B1 company databases. In fact you can start with SAP HANA from the beginning to avoid any future migration cost if your budget permits.
  8. Mobility has been enhanced with better and stable mobile apps on iOS and Android devices.
  9. You can now even start with SAP B1 cloud to avoid initial on premise cost and reduce sunk cost risks factors.

You can reap the advantages out of the above mentioned areas in SAP B1 right now, and tomorrow you can easily avail the followings with SAP B1 9.1 which is going to be released across 150+ countries for 42,000+ customers soon.

  1. With the enhancements in the core functions your project management will be better supported by sophisticated multilevel project management.
  2. Manufacturers will be benefited by enhanced production module where this new version will add new features.
  3. Small but painful issues like rounding-off document values are going to be resolved by the features like Rounded-off functions.
  4. New item costing mechanism by batch or serial numbers, covering industry standard, is also going to be interesting to explore for better costing.
  5. In localization improvement reporting flexibility for IFRS, U.S. GAAP, group reporting, or any local legal reporting requirements will also add values to resolve statutory pains.
  6. SAP Crystal Reports 2013 is going to be shipped with this new version, and value of having a latest version of a report designer is needless to explain!
  7. Improved life cycle management is going to ease the life of SAP customers and partners further via automation, faster upgrades, and simplified landscape management to maintain SAP B1.
  8. Programmers will be happy by the new set of Additional DI/UI objects and services to extend SAP B1 to its next level.
  9. Infrastructure and architectural improvements like Importing from Excel, Simplified e-mail and printing process will also add values to SAP B1.
  10. Apart from the above, the version of SAP B1 for HANA is going to have a whole new bunch of improvements and features like new analytical capabilities for financial module, KPI, better enterprise search, easy migration from MS SQL to SAP HANA, etc.

Hence, for sure you are going to have the above mentioned improvements and new features in SAP B1 with the upcoming latest SAP B1. But this is not the end, SAP has a strong and stable future road-map with SAP B1 having the following areas into future bucket.

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