Mobile experience in eCommerce

Mobile Experience in eCommerce

There was a time when phones were only meant to be used for sending texts and making calls. But gradually with the advent of new technologies and the dropping price of gadgets the number of tasks we associate with our smartphones have increased.  Clicking pictures, playing high resolution games, following maps to reach a destination, staying updated with news and many of our other activities are now done through smart phones and tablets. Along with all these, shopping on the go has also become popular practice now days. Yes, we all know that online stores can have responsive themes that can be opened on all smartphones and tablets but a dedicated app for your eCommerce store can enable you to interact with the consumers on a more personal level and make them love your brand.

A number of benefits of having a mobile app for your ecommerce store:

  • Provide an interactive interface
  • Allow consumers to shop on the go
  • Keep track of usage patterns of customers
  • Mobile option can influence impulse purchase decisions
  • Use native features of the device like voice search

With the growing number of technology conscious consumers the scope of mobile app for ecommerce is increasing every day. According to a survey by Adobe , this year 56 percent of smartphone users and 60 percent of tablet users will make online purchases. 38 percent of tablet users and 24 percent of smartphone users say that apps help them connect to their beloved brands in a better way. But just getting an app developed is not all.

A lot of aspects have to consider to get all the possible benefits out of your mobile app :


 Identify your target audience first. That will decide the features, design and at times the mobile platform as well.  But it’s always suggested to get it developed for all the leading platforms like iOs, Blackberry and Windows if your budget permits.


 Shopping app users are most influenced by word of mouth or seeing the app in the featured list of the respective platform’s app store. Also make sure your app has social sharing buttons integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.


 Navigation should be easy and intuitive such that the Shopping experience becomes fun for the user.


Product slideshows, speedy checkouts , comparing products , reading reviews or even commenting are some of the very essential features preferred by mobile app users. Even native features of devices like voice search can be an excellent feature. Amazon’s “Price check” App allows consumers to search products using keywords, bar code search, image search and even voice search.

eCommerce AppMobile Shoppers


Some of the most popular eCommerce stores and their Apps :

 Amazon Logo  Amazon :

Amazon’s App allows to shop by departments, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, access Gold Box Deals, and make purchases. Along with these it offers some special features like scanning a barcode, snapping a photo, or type a search, to quickly compare prices and check availability. Customers can sign up to receive a daily notification for Lightning Deals and also stay up to date on status of their orders.

 Amazon mobile app

eBay Logo   ebay :

Their app is simple yet feature rich. It allows you to easily browse , shop, bid , contact sellers , write reviews and much more.

ebay mobile app

Wallmart Logo  Walmart :

E-receipt is a unique feature of Walmart’s app and the feature is getting adapted by many new ecommerce apps gradually. These e-receipts eliminate the concern over the possibility of losing a receipt. This app also guides you to the nearest Walmart retail store. Apart from these, Scanning barcodes, QR codes and Value of the day are some excellent features of this app.

Walmart Mobile App

As per the current trend it can be very well said that in the coming years mobile app would become an absolute essential for having a successful ecommerce store and to grow customer base.

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