Manage eCommerce Product Inventory through Back office ERP

In any eBusiness model maintaining inventory is always one of the primary concerns. In an eBusiness model if the back office operations are managed through an ERP system the product inventory details are maintained in the ERP system only. But the inventory details also need to be represented in the online store front so that store visitors get to see the stock status of the product at a particular instance of time. So maintaining consistent product inventory information in the ERP system as well as in the eCommerce platform becomes cumbersome involving manual double entry of data in both platforms.


So, the challenge faced in complying with the business requirement is:

1)      Keeping both the platforms Ecommerce and ERP updated with the latest inventory status of products.


Solution: SBOeConnect, an integration platform connecting Magento eCommerce with SAP Business One ERP system addressed this business requirement in the following way:

SBOeConnect can sync Live Inventory status of a product from SAP Business ERP system to Magento Ecommerce. So customers would always get the most updated inventory status of products in the online stores.

Sulagno Mukherjee

Business Development Professional adept at evaluating and analyzing client requirements.Takes interest in fields encompassing areas of eRetail, eCommerce and ERP.