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We are sure you have heard the buzz around the awesome Magento Meet-up Event which was held for the first time in Kolkata. The initiative for this event was taken up by Incommerce, a community which aims at building and nurturing the Magento ecosystem in India. The goal is to help, educate, support, and network with Magento experts and enthusiasts for a better working environment across the Magento ecommerce platform in India.

The time the Meet-up was held in the NASSCOM 10000 StartUp Warehouse, Kolkata, from 10a.m to 1p.m. on the 28th of October 2017.

Incommerce is a community initiated by InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd, a product based IT company which seamlessly bridges the gap between business applications by automating and integrating them. With the help of InSync, Incommerce has organized similar meetups in other cities to strengthen the eCommerce community in India. These are solely aimed at bringing together merchants, developers and service providers across India to unitedly innovate and collaborate in the ecommerce ecosystem of the country.

It was a great event and Incommerce was glad to meet and interact with more than 30 Magento experts and eCommerce enthusiasts. The event talked about how Incommerce has been consistent with Magento Meetups previously and has ardently contributed to the growing ecommerce society of the country. Mr. Sulagno Mukherjee gave a brief intro as to what and how Incommerce has been contributing to the growing Magento community in India in recent times.

The Meet-up included 3 impressive presentations which dwelled deeper into the fluent workings of Magento.

The first presentation on Magento DevOps was presented by Mr. Subrata Bauri, an eCommerce enthusiast. The presentation provided an introduction to Magento DevOps and talked about the delivery challenges usually faced, the disconnection between the Development, the Testing and the Operations team, the correct roles for Devs and Ops, the use of DevOps tools, automation and the agile development processes.

The second presentation was on Magento APIs and was presented by Mr. Biplab Rout from InSync Tech-Fin Solutions. The key pointers of the presentation were REST APIs, Authentication, Admin and Customer Access Tokens in Magento, process of constructing a Request and a demo on Magento 2 API Development. You can read his blogs here.

The third presentation was presented Mr. Arijit De from InSync Tech-Fin Solutions and it focused on Plugins, Events & Observers in Magento. The presentation talked about the categorization and declaration of plugins, the before-after-and-around methods of plugins, the plugin flow, creation of events and observers and the best practices to do so.

The event included refreshing interactive sessions as well which dealt with any queries or doubts that our audience might have had. These sessions helped everyone to understand the loopholes one generally faces in eCommerce businesses and how we can work collaboratively to eliminate it.

For refreshments, Incommerce organized a Hi-Tea break in which enthusiasts talked personally with each other, catering to each other’s needs. This event proved to be a great opportunity to bring eCommerce experts together under one roof sharing the same agenda – the growth of the Magento Community and the overall eCommerce ecosystem in India. The event was filled with the aura of enthusiasm from experts across India who carry the intent of a better eCommerce industry in India.

With its ever-growing reach for Ecommerce experts and enthusiasts in the industry, Incommerce is sure to organize many such helpful events in the future to help businesses work better with more efficiency and productivity.

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