eCommerce Evolves with Magento and SAP Business One

eCommerce Evolves with  Magento and SAP Business One-

If you are running a small business,then here is a must know for you.eCommerce evolves with  Magento and SAP  Business One.With your eCommerce integration with  Magento and SAP  Business One,you will run your small business like never before.Enjoy reading this article and find out the useful information it has in store for you and your business.

Introduction to e-Commerce

eCommerce…..Today’s most used word in the internet world. Today not only big corporations or business houses depend on e-commerce for selling their products but e-commerce can be compared as a god’s gift for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) or Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMB’s). Even individuals or single person managed businesses heavily depend on e-commerce for selling their products or services.

Now setting up of an e-Commerce website may be simple with the availability of so many free open source e-Commerce platforms and e-Commerce service providing IT firms but it needs some pre planning for how to setup your online shop so that it becomes easy from your part to effectively manage your online shop and also your visitors have a pleasant shopping experience in your online shop.

Introduction to SBOeConnect

Hence, to make your online shopping cart management easy we are introducing a revolutionary solution called SBOeConnect. SBOeConnect is an e-Commerce add-on which integrates  Magento and SAP  Business One.

Business Benefits of SBOeConnect

Meant for SME’s and SMB’s SBOeConnect is popular for it’s:

  1. Effective Data Synchronization
  2. Real Time Data Processing
  3. Affordability, Flexibility, Agility

Benefits of SBOeConnect from business point of view

  1. Ability to upload products or items from inventory levels of SAP Business One to the eCommerce web portal.
  2. Stock updates and price updates in SAP Business One master data will be reflected in eCommerce web portal immediately.
  3. Employees are ready to efficiently start using the application with less chance of failure.
  4. Reduced chances of redundant data errors as SBOeConnect eliminates the double time and effort required to maintain Magento and SAP Business One separately.
  5. Improved efficiency through streamlined process as order fulfillment, customer and product management can be done by a centralized system.
  6. Better Return on Investment(ROI) as SBOeConnect reduces number of employee needed to maintain back end and front end of your ecommerce portal and reduced time for implementation which increases profits due to better management and increased customer satisfaction.
  7. Reduced post implementation hassle and cost as the application is developed and thoroughly tested under strict regulations, leading to less maintenance hassle and cost which helps you to save your revenues, allowing employee satisfaction and giving more time to dedicate to your business for its growth.

Introduction to SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a single, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that targets business software requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SAP Business One is a single application which eliminates the need for separate business management solutions or installations of multiple modules.

Advantages of SAP Business One

  1. SAP Business One is the universal leader of business management software solutions for SME’s and SMB’s.
  2. By centralizing and integrating entire business functions the chances of redundant data errors are reduced and efficiency is increased.
  3. Maintain the stock or inventory of your business easily without any error.
  4. Easily keep track of products supplied to you by your vendors .
  5. Maintain the financial aspect of your business like taxes, rebates, product prices, discounts, shipping costs etc. smoothly and without any hassle.
  6. Keep a record of all your customers and buyers details which helps in building relations with your buyers which in turn increases your sales.
  7. SAP Business One makes the backend of your e-Commerce platform more robust, more flexible and more powerful.
  8. To know more about SAP Business One and its features visit their website.

Introduction to Magento e-Commerce

Magento is the most popular open source eCommerce development platform on the market. It’s a universal brand name for ecommerce solutions  and has the unprecedented numbering of $25 Billion in transactions, 30000+ merchants, 1700+ extensions and 1.5 Million downloads.

Advantages of Magento e-Commerce

A] Marketing Promotions and Tools Offering:-

  1. Free Shipping Option
  2. Customer Group-specific pricing
  3. Search Engine Friendly URL’s

B] Full Catalog Browsing Offering

  1. Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Categories
  2. Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Search Results
  3. Breadcrumbs

C] Product Browsing Offering

  1. Multiple Images per Product
  2. Product Image Zoom-in Capability
  3. Stock Availability

D] Checkout Offering

  1. SSL security support for orders on both front-end and back-end
  2. One-Page Checkout
  3. Shipping to multiple addresses in one order

E] Shipping Offering

  1. Integrated for real-time shipping rates
  2. On-site order tracking from customer accounts
  3. Multiple shipments per order

F] Customer Service Offering

  1. Contact us form
  2. Feature-rich Customer Accounts
  3. Order History with Status Updates

G] Customer Accounts Offering

  1. Order status and history
  2. Re-orders from account
  3. Recently ordered items

These are some of the features of Magento Community Edition which can be freely downloaded under the open source OSL 3.0 license. To know more about Magento visit their website.

Some of the  features of SBOeConnect are:-

  1. Master data of products or items maintained in SAP Business One is synchronized with Magento Shopping Cart.
  2. Inventory levels are picked from SAP Business One to Magento Shopping Cart automatically.
  3. Images of products or items in SAP Business One can be uploaded in Magento Shopping Cart .
  4. Product price changed in SAP Business One is automatically updated in Magento Shopping Cart.
  5. Customer registered online can be activated in SAP Business Onewith the help of SBOeConnect Synchronization Facility.
  6. Customer can browse product catalogue online and place order online. The same order is available SAP Business Onedirectly with the magic of SBOeConnect synchronization facility.
  7. Customer order status can be updated from SAP Business Oneand is synchronized with Magento.
  8. Once Delivery is done from SAP Business One, Order Status changes instantly in Magento and emails are sent to customers accordingly.
  9. Inventory Synchronization
  10. Pricelist Synchronization
  11. Order & Delivery Synchronization.

The above facts speak volumes of this powerful add on, integrating  Magento and SAP  Business One. With this add-on, you can make your dream of an online business come true.

Contact Us now to know more about SBOeConnect and get a flavour of our free online demo. You can also follow us on Twitter to know about the latest upgrades, version changes and enhancements of SBOeConnect.

Subhajit Goswami

Subhajit is a Business Development Professional with ability in managing Customer Accounts and Channel Business. His specific interest is in the areas of Retail Industry and ecommerce, Multichannel eRetail and ERP Systems.