InSync Hosted Kolkata Technical Communicators Meet-up 2019

In the rapidly growing world of today, people are surrounded by applications and systems that do the talking and make our lives easier. In the IT industry, a boom of innovation has been witnessed over the past decade. There has been a tremendous amount of introduction of software that have paved the way for this technologically advanced world. There is no doubt that the new products available in the industry have been the primary cause of this evolution, it is also important to note what has been important for the products to help their consumers. Product documentation has been playing an important role in the evolution of the usability of the products over time. If it was not for these documentations, a user would never be able to use of understand the product clearly. In today’s market, technical content holds a significant place since it is the key to make any product saleable.

InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd. is an organization committed to the vision of transforming modern day businesses by equipping them with futuristic tools to make them more efficient and productive. Last weekend, InSync hosted the ‘Kolkata Technical Communicators Meetup’ in its premises with the objective of helping the ‘writer community’ of the town connect, share knowledge and grow.

Organized by the Information Developers Foundation, Kolkata Chapter, with the support of Adobe and InSync, the event brought together professionals involved in Technical Communication, to an informal interactive session that covered a wide variety of trending topics. Speakers presented insights upon different tools that can be used to leverage and bring excellence in the field of technical writing. Founder Rahul Karn talked about Markdown to be of use for people just like GitHub is preferred by developers.


The event also offered a discussion upon the importance of converging technical and marketing communications to cater to the customer’s requirements. Besides the precise technicalities of the era, the meetup also hosted a beautifully designed session upon the psychology associated with colours and how it can be leveraged by business owners to gain a competitive edge in their business. The session elaborated on how colours have been stereotyped and can be used to project an idea or characteristic feature of the product/service offered.

All in all, it was a great event of knowledge-sharing and networking. Professionals from different spheres gathered together to talk and discuss on the common loopholes of the writing industry in the IT sector, and shared practical experiences and solutions to overcome these hurdles. With so much at the first go, we expect more such meetups in the upcoming times.


The IDF, Kolkata Chapter – Head, Mrs. Soumita Sengupta, who also serves as the Documentation Head at InSync, has recognized the absence of a well-structured community of technical writers in the city and has taken this initiative to form a regional body that provides direction, guidance and knowledge to present and aspiring professionals in this field.  Though more meetups and conferences in the future, IDF holds the vision of establishing a vibrant, dynamic tech-communication community in Kolkata, and InSync would be glad to support!

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