Key Benefits of B2B eCommerce for Manufacturers

E-commerce has grown exponentially; A trend has now rushed into the global marketing models. While B2C E-commerce is growing well and good, B2B e-commerce is still a very good choice for Business especially Manufacturing Business. It makes sense for manufacturers to now invest in B2B E-commerce growth.

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our world, more consumers have begun shopping online in greater numbers and frequency. The growth in e-commerce due to the pandemic has set a high bar for what is now considered baseline growth.

Listed below are the 10 major benefits that B2B offers and here is why we should try them.

Much More Customer Reach

The old selling model is much more time-consuming, laborious and less effective. With a B2B E-commerce platform, one can directly reach a larger amount customers. It enhances the customer experience as well. Good marketing strategies will invite a larger customer base in comparison with old B2B marketing strategies.

Increased Brand Awareness

Every day more and more customers are logging into the internet. So, there is a constant shift in the online segment. Therefore, the existing marketing strategies must be up to date with times. Improved and enhanced brand visibility can be successfully achieved only through smart E-commerce setups.

Increased sales

The basic principle of the sales funnel remains – Larger the top of your sales funnel, the better are the chances or rate of conversion. Going the online way will show a stark increase in sales.

Better analytics

Data is everything! The same data can be used in a hundred different ways to arrive at a hundred different conclusions. All of which can be used constructively to drive sales. Analytics is the best thing to come out of digital marketing. Data analytics has taken customer understanding to a whole new level.

Improved customer engagement

‘Know your customer’ has always been the Mantra. Driving a business without knowing the pain of the customer is a major faux pas. Going online simply helps you by improving your visibility, the platform always allows you to have a much more free-flowing open-ended conversation with the customer, with shorter response times. Benefits both the seller and the buyer.

Improved conversion rates

E-commerce for a particular business setup is made as per the requirements of that business pattern. Therefore, most of the manual glitches or lapses can be overcome by going online. Thus, improving productivity and consequentially conversion rates.

Data storage, backup

No more worry about saving emails, data and tons of paperwork. The online system is connected to cloud-based systems that initiate the auto backup. Your data is almost 100 percent safe.

Enhances supplies and planning

In business units where planning and forecasts are key, maintaining supplies and stocks is essential, it becomes extremely easy with a B2B e-commerce setup

Reduced handling costs

Resources can be handled much more efficiently when it comes to e-commerce platforms thus, reducing the handling and other costs.

Direct insights into B2B markets

Being a part of the B2B industry demands in-depth knowledge and know-how of how the business functions.

Therefore, it becomes important to be in touch with market insights. And nobody gives insights like customers. B2B E-commerce portals allow a better framework to understand market insights.

Get started with your B2B eCommerce store and gain a competitive edge in the market! Also, connect all your business applications under one single platform to automate the business process!


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