Introducing Malcolm Gladwell as Keynote Speaker at Magento Imagine 2014

Excitement follows with the announcement of Imagine 2014 in Las Vegas but its revelation of Malcolm Gladwell as keynote speaker in Magento Imagine 2014 has much added to the flavor of the event.

Malcolm Gladwell as a keynote speaker at Magento Imagine 2014

Starting his career as a New Yorker staff writer in 1996,

Want to know about Malcolm Gladwell? Let’s dig into…

  • He is toppling the popular conventions of bias, crime, marketing, consumers and intelligence!
  • His undaunted curiosity made him tackle topics initially from cookies, pasta sauce to unconscious mind which takes decision with a blink of an eye.

Does it sound too complicated?

He totally redefines the definition of how something works relating spaghetti sauce to Visual Targeting empowering designers and market researchers to find the exact “visual” variety of product you are selling to attract customer appeal, therefore profit!

So before you hear him live, get a taste of how he perceives the world by clicking on the link below

Going with his lines “There is more going on beneath the surface than we think, and more going on in little, finite moments of time than we would guess.

Stay tuned for the most awaited speech at Imagine 2014!




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