Experience the grand annual event of InSync Tech-Fin Solutions - INSYCNHRONY 2019. Dive into a world of innovation, technology and deep thinking with the leaders of the iPaaS and the B2B eCommerce solution industry, with the mission and vision of not only transforming the world that is data-driven but also making it data-efficient.
The big launch of the event was InSync's very own Integrated B2B eCommerce solution. With this offering, InSync now deploys a fully automated and complete B2B eCommerce solution and caters to any B2B business.

Keynote by Atul Gupta


The event kicked-off with the inspiring keynote speech by Mr. Atul Gupta, Founder and CEO of InSync Tech-Fin Solutions. He recollected how the world "back then" needed business application integration and how our Integration Platform - APPSeCONNECT was there to help business owners out. He acknowledged the growing expertise and strength of the entire company over the past year.He also introduced the main attraction of the event the launch of InSync's Integrated B2B eCommerce solution. Atul wished good fortune to all his employees for the upcoming year and hopes to reach higher levels of innovation and success henceforth.
"Let's provide brighter solutions for the bright future to come!" - ATUL GUPTA

Highlights of 2019

The event witnessed the achievements of all the departments through the Team Dashboards. Apart from the story of success for the company, the event also involved itself into various fun activities to keep the crowd going. With immense levels of enthusiasm and positivity, INSYNCHRONY ensures to bring better and newer solutions in the market to cater to the ever-growing industry of B2B eCommerce and Integrated Business Applications.

The Retrospective