A Tour of InSync’s Superhero-Themed Office Space in Kolkata



We grow up imagining so much for ourselves! We fancy certain lifestyles and chase our dreams. These dreams comprise of how our bedrooms should look like, to the color our car should be, how we would like to spend our youth or the places we shall travel to. Added to this, we also imagine the kind of place we would like to head to work, every morning.

All of us expect a workplace that is safe, comfortable and equally cool and each one of us looks forward to what kind of place she/he is going to spend their entire day at. Frankly, nobody likes to work in a room that is filled up with lifeless cubicles and walls that say no story at all.

Employee productivity has a lot to do with their surroundings…

A premium or at least a preferably good workplace-design can greatly catalyze the company’s upwardly projecting graph. It adds to the employees’ sense of pride and also acts as a unique selling proposition for the company. An easy-going, unreserved ambiance allows its people to relax through stress, remain amiable, and be effectively communicative. A competitive environment is always a plus inside the office, but a touch of fun does not harm too!

The benefits of designing a creative and pleasant office space are many. InSync has not only identified but also successfully applied them while setting up its office. Needless to mention, we are constantly exploring, learning and marching further ahead on our mission to making it better! Let’s give you a sneak peek into this absolutely awesome office-space of InSync, where our Superheroes (read: employees! :D) battle to win!

This is InSync and we welcome you to the coolest organization in the city!!


The decor of our office will itself communicate its aesthetics to you! Clearly, we call ourselves SUPERHEROES because –

  • We love our Marvel & DC Superheroes a lot!
  • We work as hard as our Superheroes to make business super-easy for you!


As you scroll down, you’ll see how spaciously the office has been designed to facilitate ease of work and make space for the entertainment of employees throughout the time that we spend here!



Office design is a very important part of business development. In 2019, we can no more do with the concept of isolated cubicles and overly strict administrative surroundings. To bring out the best in you, you need to stay mentally free and fresh. So at InSync, we have broken away from the traditional norms of office and added vibrant and modern design to it. After all, work will never seem exciting if our creative juices are not stirred up!




We are spread across an area of 7K+ sq.ft. Now that we are such fans of the pop culture, how could we do without adding some of it to our work-abode?! 😀

Our office has 5 well-furnished conference rooms where InSync Superheroes land down to crack their heads and innovate solutions for the world of e-commerce and data integration. So here we have the perfect names for these conference rooms to match with the Superheroes we idealize –

  • Krypton
  • Gotham
  • Smallville
  • Atlantis
  • Metropolis

office_space_3One look at these places, and you’ll know how well the decor complements easy communication between employees and gets work done quickly!

>The general working stations are far… far… faaaar away from anything called monotonous!

It is a collaborative environment where we have enough space to walk around and gel up with our fellow mates or move to and fro for quick discussions. It gives us the flexibility to change our surroundings when required or decorate our work-stations to keep us sentimentally glued to our work. As much fun as it sounds, it is a great way to enhance employee engagement and improve productivity.



The motive is to make the workplace feel less like a stress-camp. There will definitely be moments of pressure and confusion, but a good place of work will offer at least a soothing environment to help to deal with the regular hustle.

And here comes our little, yet very favorite library; the perfect place for the geek within and an escape into a world away from the world!

This little library becomes the go-to place when a Superhero from InSync is having a struggling relationship with the desktop. These are the times when we may seek the company of the best counselors of all times – the books! The result of this short break amidst the positive vibe of books is obvious – a positive state of mind.


Want to feed some green to your eyes? Rise up from your desk and walk no more than just 15-20 ft. to reach the lush green view behind the window-glasses! This is where from we escape the concrete jungle and set the mind flying on a beautiful, clear horizon!
The view is mesmerizing and allows some real relaxation, such that we go back to work with refilled freshness.

The bright blinds of the window and the overall glitz of the place allow us to thrive in an environment that motivates us to take a big spoonful from our platter of assignments and finish it with a smile of satisfaction on our faces!


The point is straight and simple – the more comfortable is the work environment, the more will be the output gained. A desirable office setup brings out the best in us. Like we have fixed our belief on this, we would encourage more and more corporates and offices to consider the importance of creating a cool office space. The results won’t be disappointing. Cheers!


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