INSYNC Commerce Product Update – August 2021

With another term of consistent development and updates, INSYNC is glad to launch new features and enhancements to its B2B Commerce platform INSYNC Commerce. We aim to strengthen our commitment of offering a complete B2B Commerce platform that offers unique features to the hands of the users. Here is the summarized release notes for the latest additions and enhancements to the INSYNC Commerce platform. Below we have mentioned all the major feature additions and improvements which you can go through and know your platform better!

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INSYNC Commerce Feature Updates

Quick Order

Bulk Orders can be placed very easily by using this feature. It’s a tedious and bit monotonous process to follow if you are placing Orders with multiple products. So, this feature enables buyers to add multiple products by using the SKU(s) without visiting numerous categories and product pages. Moreover, by using Import CSV feature, buyers can place orders with multiple products and associated quantities. They just need to fill the CSV with product SKUs and quantity in the respective columns and the CSV format can be downloaded from the Storefront as well.

Warranty Management

This feature enables both the business and the buyers to manage the Product Warranty. The business maintains the Product Warranty Records in the back-end. After purchase, the buyers need to register their products on the web portal based on the Product Warranty Records (Category, Serial No, Part No. etc.) pre-defined by the business. Business can manage the Fixed Repair Cost in the back-end as well for the paid services for the products which are not in warranty.

If any service is required for a product that is in warranty, then the Buyer needs to validate the Warranty of that product on the webs portal and then proceed with the Service Request.

Now if any service is required for a product which is not in warranty, then Buyer can opt for the Paid Services based on the Fixed Repair Cost managed by the Business.

Shopping List

Company Shopping List will enable the Contact Person(s) associated with the B2B customer to create and manage multiple shopping lists of products that are frequently bought together as separated Wishlists. It can be treated as Requisition Lists also. Products can be added to the Shopping List from the product details page and/or shopping cart page. A Single Product and/or the entire Shopping List can be moved to the shopping cart at once. The Shopping List can also be converted into Quotation.


  • Enable or disable the “Shopping List” from the B2B Configuration
  • Once Enabled, “Shopping List” CTA will be visible under My Account
  • Create and manage multiple Shopping List from storefront
  • Add products to the Shopping List from the product details and/or Cart page
  • Manage (view/add/remove) multiple products to the Shopping List with quantity
  • Move a single product from the Shopping List to the Shopping Cart
  • Move all the products from the Shopping List to the Shopping Cart
  • Convert the Shopping List into a Quotation
  • Shopping Lists are Company-specific, and all the associated Contact Person and Sales Representative will have the ability to access all the Shopping Lists under the same Company.

B2B Company Registration from Front End

Earlier the B2B Account creation data was being collected through emails and phone calls and the process was restricted from the back-end only. Now, B2B companies will be able to create their accounts from the front-end as well. They will be submitting all the required information through a Registration Form from the front-end and the admin will get notification regarding the new B2B Account Registration Request and the Account will be in “Inactive” Status by default. The B2B Account will be activated once the request is approved by the admin after reviewing all the details and/or any further amendments, if required. The Company will get notification regarding the approval in a registered email.


  • Enable or disable the “Account Creation from Front-end” from the B2B Configuration
  • Once enabled, “Create B2B Account” CTA will appear on the front-end
  • Registration Form with all the required information
  • Account will be in “Inactive” Status by default
  • Account will be created after getting “Active” approval from the admin side

Contact Person Creation from the Sales Rep Dashboard

Earlier the Contact Person account creation process was restricted from the back-end only. Based on the Company’s request and given data, the Contact Person accounts were being created by the admin through the back-end. Now, the Contact Person accounts can be created by the Sales Representative from their dashboard on the front-end. The Contact Person will get a notification regarding the account creation in the registered email.


  • “Create Contact Person” CTA on the Sales Representative Dashboard on Front End
  • The sales representative will submit the form with all the required information
  • The Contact Person will receive an Account Creation Notification in the Registered Email
  • The Contact Person will complete the Account Creation Process by generating the password

Catalogs and Product Restricted View for Non-logged-in Users

By enabling this feature, Catalogs and Products will be restricted for non-logged-in users. Once they successfully login into their account, Catalogs and Products will be visible to them based on the associated privileges.


  • Enable or disable the “Shopping List” from the B2B Configuration
  • Once enabled, Catalogs and Products will be restricted for the Non-Logged-In Users
  • After login, Catalogs and Products will be visible based on the privilege associated with the account.

Platform Enhancements – INSYNC Commerce

Category-Specific Discount in Admin

Earlier there was only a Factorial-based Discount on the categories. Now a Fixed Price Discount has been enabled as well.



  • Go to Customers from the Left Panel
  • Select Category Discount under Customer Information
  • Click on Add Category Discount Price
  • Select Category from the Drop Down
  • Select “By Fixed Price” from the Drop Down
  • Put the Fixed Price Discount Amount
  • Save the Configuration

User Group-Specific Category Visibility

Earlier Restricted Categories were visible through Direct Link. Now we have restricted Direct Link Access and no such Restricted Categories will be visible while trying to access the same through Direct Links.

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