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Businesses around the world are quickly adopting the B2B module of business for their organizations in order to scale and cater to their growing eCommerce needs. eCommerce platforms are extending their featured capabilities to include B2B functionalities and help organizations take advantage of more robust experience. With the growing investments in the B2B eCommerce industry, more innovative and complete solutions pave the way for the market. However, in times of growing multi-application usage, employing just a B2B eCommerce store is not enough for business owners unless it is integrated with all the other applications of the organizations and all data is accurately transferred between systems. This integration of the B2B platform with the other business applications streamlines all the involved processes and enhances the power of all operations.

Many organizations employ various applications to support each line of business – an eCommerce store, an ERP, a CRM, etc. However, these solutions are standalone offerings and are disparate from each other. It is now time for businesses to employ such smart business tools that offer to solve all the challenges of the organization, automate their processes, provide an omnichannel B2B platform and integrate systems to bring higher coherence of data and uniformity across the organization.

InSync is glad to launch its flagship integrated B2B eCommerce platform InSync Commerce that serves as an end-to-end solution for business owners by providing not only a powerful B2B platform but also offering a complete application integration solution.

InSync Commerce – the right way to do Commerce!

InSync Commerce is an end-to-end B2B Commerce solution that is integrated with the other applications of a business to provide a seamless experience of eCommerce functionalities and business integration, along with enabling omnichannel commerce for manufacturers and distributors. With the robust solution, users will not only achieve a B2B-capable eCommerce platform but also streamline all their other business processes and data operations through application integration.

InSync Commerce offers unparalleled customer service with seamless integration and management, marketing collaterals, and analytics at your fingertips. Enable your customers to order from anywhere, pick up the product from any store or get it delivered directly without any fuss. With InSync Commerce, users can manage complete and end-to-end order lifecycle from a singular omnichannel eCommerce platform and enable a streamlined and distributed Order Management system that fulfills complex business requirements and facilitates business growth.

InSync Commerce is the perfect B2B eCommerce solution that business owners have been looking for since it is a B2B platform that is pre-integrated with the ERP of the organization’s choice. With its out-of-box features, integration of the B2B platform with the ERP offers major advantages to the business.

  • Personalized and flexible catalog for every user
  • 100% Inventory accuracy across platforms and applications
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Seamless application integration
  • 100% accurate user-specific pricing

InSync Commerce is a robust platform that caters to businesses of all requirements – whether they don’t have an integrated eCommerce platform or lack integration with their existing platform. For businesses that don’t have an integrated eCommerce B2B platform, InSync Commerce offers a completely ready and powerful B2B-capable eCommerce solution that is directly integrated with the ERP. For businesses that have an eCommerce platform but lack application integration, InSync Commerce offers completely bi-directional sync of data and business objects between the applications. However, if an organization has multiple systems working, InSync Commerce also facilitates the easy and streamlined integration of the B2B eCommerce platform with other applications such as ERPs, CRMs, POs, etc.

Commerce Everywhere with InSync Commerce

With InSync Commerce, users get the true essence of an omnichannel experience and both merchants and customers are able to draw benefits from the platform. If businesses have specific requirements, InSync Commerce offers to collate all the needs and provide a delightful experience and transform the line of business. Users also benefit from top-rated features and solve real business challenges. With this integrated solution, InSync Commerce facilitates business scaling by allowing owners to sell through all channels, websites, physical stores and marketplaces to all kinds of buyers – B2B organizations, vendors, distributors and end-users.

Also, with InSync Commerce implementation, users can offer unparalleled customer service with seamless integration and management, marketing collaterals, and analytics at the fingertips. With the power of this solution, merchants can now enable their customers to order from anywhere, pick up the product from any store or get it delivered directly without any fuss.

InSync Commerce Service Portal Module

Warranty management is one of the most crucial tasks for B2B businesses. InSync Commerce Service Portal Module allows B2B merchants to offer a self-service experience to their users. This is a self-service and management platform that assists the users to have their products registered for warranty and to claim them for repairs. This feature offers a smooth warranty management process and a robust servicing platform that enriches the customer experience 5X.

Following are the Admin and the User roles that are offered via the Service Portal:

Admin Activities:  

  • Bulk-upload product serial numbers with a warranty period
  • Input fixed or repair costs
  • Approve warranty-register requests
  • Input repair cost after offline evaluation
  • Update statuses of the service request documents

User Activities: 

  • Register warranty for a product
  • Checklist of registered products
  • Check warranty at a later stage
  • Make a service request for in/out-of-warranty products
  • Make online payment for the order placed.

InSync Commerce – Providing Custom-tailored experiences through Mobile Solution

With InSync Commerce, merchants can now go omnichannel and get a powerful mobile-ready store to stay in touch with their business every time. With our out-of-box B2B eCommerce solution, businesses can transform eCommerce stores into feature-rich B2B Platforms. The InSync Commerce mobile application helps B2B retailers and wholesalers delight their business buyers by riding the Mobile Commerce tide! With the help of the mobile app of this integrated B2B eCommerce solution, merchants can now get an easy product management system and can offer hassle-free order placement and tracking-enabled shipment tracking to their users. Some of the major features of the Mobile App include:

  • User-friendly setup
  • Seamless Admin Control
  • Easy Navigation and Search options
  • Responsive Android App
  • Efficient Product Grouping
  • Credit Limit View
  • Detailed Order Section
  • Easy Order Placement
  • Quick access to customer’s transaction history

Integrate an array of business applications and customize to suit any B2B needs. 

With InSync Commerce, users can leverage the facilities of a stable data integration solution and experience seamless integration between applications and business processes and enable automated solution offering, data management and business uniformity across all channels.

InSync Commerce offers an integrated, B2B commerce platform that helps businesses and business owners in enhancing their business operations and scaling their business up to achieve perpetual business growth. Now get an end-to-end business process automation and B2B eCommerce solution at your fingertips with InSync Commerce.

Get started with your B2B eCommerce store and gain a competitive edge in the market! Also, connect all your business applications under one single platform to automate the business process!

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