InSync boosts Productivity and Improves Collaboration through Microsoft Teams

With the current situation of the global pandemic outbreak Coronavirus, remote working and work-from-home have become a normal notion. Organizations have taken steps to ensure that the employees stay home and are safe from any infection. Employees and individuals are now employing various tools and methods to boost their productivity in order to cope up with the current circumstances. Since physical presence and collaboration are almost impossible, it is extremely crucial that organizations take up the digital arena to stay connected.

Microsoft Teams: The right platform for a new level of collaboration

During these times, one application that has surfaced into the digital market than any other is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is one platform that allows its users to organize calls and meetings online, share files and folder, and stay connected 24/7. One of the biggest advantages that Teams has is that it is already integrated with Microsoft 365 Office – this facilitates the quick, easy, and convenient flow of information within an organization. It can be said that Microsoft Teams is one of the most appropriate platforms for collaboration in these extreme times.

Well, how does Teams do it? By building a platform to bring all the workplace tools, apps and services together, Teams allows its users to deliver better workday flow for their employees. Below mentioned are some of the best things we love about Microsoft Teams.

5 things we love about Microsoft Teams

1. Transparent Communication

Microsoft Teams is perhaps one of the most transparent communication apps there are. Even though it is loaded with features, it is also a robust platform that is intuitive, secure, and stable. It allows individuals and teams to communicate freely and openly in dedicated chatboxes with the option to reply and react to messages. Also, Teams allows an unparalleled voice and video call service that brings the true sense of “meetings” in the game.

2. Powerful Solutions for Remote Workers

Microsoft Teams is no doubt the best friend of remote workers. With the current situation, Teams has emerged as the best option among remote working applications. With its features, it makes it comfortable for employees to work and navigate from home or from anywhere. Being integrated with apps that cater to functions ranging from customer feedback and employee polls to workflow and project management, Teams is a solution that aims at building the bridge between physical and remote working.

3. The Teams Mobile App

The world is changing, and everything is going mobile. Not just for the PC, Microsoft Teams has its own mobile app for Android and iOS users. This amazing mobile app is everything you need if you are away from your workspace – from the ease of sharing documents from phone to making client calls, this app has it all. With features like quite hours and quite days, geotagging and location sharing, integrated Office Lens, etc. Teams proves to be one app that optimizes the workload of all the employees and facilitates them to be in business on-the-go! Also, it is important to note that the Microsoft Teams mobile app allows the users to share content and files directly in a meeting – thus, saving time and improving efficiency.

4. Scalable Collaboration

With Teams, organizations can achieve a high level of employee collaboration and client satisfaction. It really bridges the gap between the disparate systems and technologies that are being used in a company. From sharing content, information and files easily to switching calls between PC/laptops to the mobile app, Teams brings the whole team under a single roof. Also, since it is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite and is integrated with a host of other applications, Teams brings out the full functionalities of its platform and caters to customers by providing various solutions according to the business requirements.

5. One Team – One System for Collaboration. Simple!

Microsoft Teams simply puts the convenience and ease of its users as its top priority. Henceforth, Teams provides an incomparable service that not only brings individuals close but also the organization. With Teams in hand, organizations don’t need to look or employ any other app that does it all. With crisp and clear communication, handy files and information storage, etc. Microsoft Teams really beings the organization together.

InSync’s Success with Microsoft Teams: Seamless collaboration among remote employees during the Covid19 pandemic:

Having stated the best things we love about Microsoft Teams, it is evident that companies and organizations have hugely adopted this app in their day to day business. Also, due to the persistent pandemic situation, Teams is gaining vast popularity in terms of scalability, robustness and customer experience.

With Microsoft Teams, InSync was able to build a seamless collaboration of remotely working teams in the time of this pandemic. Teams was able to bridge the gap between the various departments and teams within InSync and amalgamate processes that improved the overall efficiency.

With a quick response time and the always-available notion, Microsoft Teams made sure we are all in sync.

Experience with Microsoft Teams Live Event:

It is important to know that Microsoft Teams, besides being used for meetings and calls and sharing documents, was also robust and scalable enough to facilitate and organize InSync’s annual event InSynchrony completely digitally. 

With over 100 attendees and employees, Microsoft Teams was smoothly able to conduct the conference without glitches and deliver the best digital experience from any such platform. With this initiative, we now know that Microsoft Teams can take the load of any number of attendees and is perhaps the best platform for conducting meetings and business conferences without making the time limit a parameter for failure.

Apart from InSynchrony, InSync has also employed Teams to carry out the regular meetings and dashboards within the team, and also organize cultural programs online that brings the employees closer together and enriches the feeling of the family that we have.

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