How important are Wishlists on E-commerce Websites?

Ecommerce Wishlists

Wishlists are among one of the very most important features of E-commerce nowadays. For the last few years E-commerce websites have grown at an enormous rate. Different E-commerce platforms provide various types of features to its visitors. Wishlist and gift certificates are among one of the very important features of eCommerce websites though this extremely useful feature is not utilized by many E-commerce website owners.

Wishlist allows any user to store any particular item in his cart which he/she may buy later by returning to the E-commerce website. This saves his/her valuable time because the person doesn’t have to search for the product next time he visits the website. When a user doesn’t want to buy the product of his choice right at the moment, he can use the wishlist functionality. He may do this to wait for the upcoming discount offer. Also, this makes his search easier among huge amount of items. This counts for customer satisfaction and also increases the user friendliness of your E-commerce website.

Wishlist also allows a person to send an email to his/her friends or relatives with the product details and buying option. This allows viral marketing for the E-commerce website as another person gets to know about your E-commerce website and products sold through that E-commerce website. With wish list people get a chance to show the gift they want from other person.

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So Wishlist is not only very useful for your E-commerce website it also increases sales from your eCommerce website. Wishlist introduces your site to new customers and many of them may get converted to buyers (if they are referred to).

In the end, wishlist can be quite helpful to fully leverage the power of online medium, bringing or introducing new visitors to your brand and increase revenue income from your online web store.

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Now that you have learnt the importance of wishlist in Ecommerce, you are sure to reap the benefit of it and deploy it effectively to earn some more penny even.Then don’t forget to share this story with your friends if you find this article interesting and useful.

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Integrate eCommerce with ERP or CRM

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