How Digital Transformation is Advancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Necessity knows no rules” – August Strindberg, Miss Julie

The above couldn’t be more relatable in the current world scenario. While life may be coming to a halt due to this global pandemic, we can’t help but find an upside to it.

While most industries are witnessing a downfall, one industry seems to be accelerating its growth and taking it a notch higher as well. Digitally powered industries which include both established companies and start-ups are witnessing a revolution in the way they work.

With companies shifting all their activities to a digital platform, it is bound to make the world move further towards the path of digital transformation. Coronavirus has forced companies to adapt to a digital way of working. So, here’s how digital transformation is advancing in this era of coronavirus and work-from-home norm:

All events taking place at a virtual platform

Most conferences and met-ups have been canceled to stop the spread of COVID-19, all over the world. These in-person meetups were a great way of not only exchanging ideas but also building relationships with potential clients. However, this sudden outbreak of the virus has forced organizers to think out of the box and come up with new ways of creating interactions and engagements. Companies like Google are already adapting to this norm and have started hosting their events virtually.


Additional use of blockchain

Blockchain, one of the most important digital technologies available, has seen a rise in its use, due to this global pandemic. It’s an opportunity for everyone involved in such a digital technology to make the most out of it. For example, companies in China and South Korea have already developed apps that can be used to conduct a check using the facial recognition feature to analyze whether the said person has come into contact with any person who has been tested positive for the virus. Now only this, blockchain also gives its users control over their personal information i.e., they can decide whom to share it with and also the platform where the data is being shared. Blockchain, when it comes to sharing private information, also adds a level of trust within the users and thus makes the process a whole lot easier and efficient.

Increase in the usage of data

As more and more people are being forced to stay at home, the usage of the internet all over the world has increased. With almost every form of communication shifting to an online platform, the pressure on the internet channels is obvious to go up. Therefore, the capacity of the network also needs to increase to match up with the amount of usage required all over the world. Faster and more efficient ways need to be developed to ensure that there is no lagging in terms of progress. Such effectiveness is bound to fast-track digital transformation.

Increased use of social media and websites

With lockdowns prevailing in most countries, people need information available to them in the most convenient way possible. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are ensuring that’s its users are up to date with all sorts of coronavirus related information by conducting various surveys and quizzes. Not only this, but Google has also collaborated with the White House towards creating a website that will make all COVID-19 related information available to the public.

Usage of robots, drones, and IoT

IoT devices available at homes allow their users minimum touch or interactions for elementary activities like changing the temperature of the room, turning off the lights, etc by simply using the voice recognition features of our smartphones. Robots are being used in various hospitals to sanitize rooms of infected patients to avoid risking the spread of the virus through human contact. Not only this, but drones are also extremely handy during these times as they help in no-contact and fast delivery of various medicines and essential items from pharmacies to hospitals or homes, wherever needed.


Digital Workplace

Now that employees are working remotely in most parts of the world, a system and internet connection are not the only things required to ensure a smooth working procedure. Constant interaction with your colleagues and clients is essential to deliver effective results. The era of video conferencing is marking its place in the digital world as not only companies, even schools and colleges are using this technology to conduct businesses and commitments efficiently.

Improvement of technology in the healthcare sector

The rate at which the coronavirus can spread is quite high. This has forced the healthcare sector to come up with digital solutions to track patients who could potentially be carrying this disease. Using telemedicine to treat an infected person is an effective measure to avoid human contact with those infected and also help to break the chain of spreading this virus. However, a downside to using telehealth is that the development and implementation costs can be quite expensive. Adequate investment is required to carry out such activities.

This crisis brings a massive advantage to digitally powered companies to accelerate digital transformation all over the world. Investments in this sector at the given moment are also quite high due to the high level of survival and growth opportunities that this sector brings, even in these times.
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