9 Essential Features of a Complete B2B Ecommerce Store



Whenever imagined parallelly, few of the features and highlights of an online business store are comparable, it doesn’t make a difference whether the business has a B2B structure or a B2C structure.

Well, if anticipated in a graphical view, the recent growth of B2B eCommerce is caused by higher buyer expectations and technological advances. And due to this exponential growth of technology and cloud-based eCommerce platform, selling online gives B2B sellers an opportunity to speed up their order fulfillment processes.


Source: Forrester Research

Indeed, even with the innovation progressions, for a B2B eCommerce store to become fruitful, the web-shop needs to seek after the plan of action adequately and ought to convey the full deals cycle profitably.

In light of that kept, here are some of the highlights that are expected to create a successful B2B eCommerce business store.

1. Customer Classification Based on the Profiles into Groups

B2B stores should be able to classify customers based on their profiles into groups according to the Location, Catalog selection and the order size, etc. But why classify? The shopping experience is one such aspect that does attract more customers, therefore segmenting or classifying customers into groups accordingly will enhance the shopping experience according to the profile selected.

2. Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding and registration is a key feature for a B2B eCommerce store. But having groups and multiple profiles, the page should have the specific group-based registration portal to avail the pricing levels which are segregated according to the customer groups and profiles.Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

3. Customized Pricing Strategy

In the B2C structure, the pricing is always easy as the costing remains equal for every customer. But when compared with the B2C, the B2B pricing is very complex. While defining the B2B pricing, it is important to remember that there is a definite relationship between price, volume and the customer group.  Therefore, it is very essential to keep a note that your store needs to have functionality that can deal with the customized pricing strategy for whatever pricing model you need.

4. Quick Order

It generally kills time while hunting down the item which you had requested before. In business, customer leans towards a quick procedure to spare time. In this manner, a brisk request highlight in B2B web-shop ought to be executed to rapidly reorder an item that has been requested before without spending endeavors in seeking. Check out Advanced Order Management with B2B Ecommerce!

5. Edit & Cancel Order

It has been seen that for making any changes in the order or to cancel a certain order, customer’s needs to go through a lot of processes and calls to cancel or update an order. With eCommerce, it is easy to do these alterations if the Edit/Cancel Order feature is present. Obviously, this cannot be possible after the order has been dispatched. It must be done before.

6. Payment Options

B2B merchants do look for flexible payment options. Yes, of course, the availability of a payment gateway is necessary, but that does depend upon the merchants as which gateway should be used. But customers do look for flexible payments (for e.g. Credit Limits). Also, the credit limits should be properly managed as not every customer might avail the feature. Therefore, the Platform needs to manage the payment accordingly depending on the Customer Profile and Groups.

7. Request a Quote

The costing for some of the items relies upon numerous variables like Accessibility, Client Requirements and so on. For special Items, it’s typically hard to cite a cost. In such cases, clients request Sales Quotations from the merchants as a statement of guarantee to supply merchandise and items at an indicated cost inside a particular time. Thus, your WebShop must have the feature for your client to Request a Quote, with the goal of streamlining the procedure.

8. Shipment Tracking

Having a passage to track the request shipment is one of the fundamental highlights that ought to be available in a B2B Online business Store. In B2B, Customers have their own  Customers, so getting the genuine time estimation can demonstrate commendable as they can satisfy an outsider request inside a predetermined time. Likewise, having a door to track orders and shipments expands the devotion of the clients which additionally impacts the business procedure emphatically.

9. Full Customizability

Organizations dependably attempt to adjust new styles and highlights to simple out the way of the business process. Your B2B E-Commerce Platform ought to be all around prepared to modify the WebShop whenever, as required, for backing out the total procedure and to take advantage of the store.

Features are something that depends on the business process and business functionalities. Not all the features mentioned here are applicable, that depends on the factor mentioned above, but these are some of the essential features that a B2B store should have.

Get started with your B2B Ecommerce store today and streamline your business process!Integrated-B2B-eCommerce-store-InSync

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