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In certain industry verticals like home appliances or electronic gadgets, warranty management is a very important segment. The manufacturer’s relationship with the customers does not end after the purchase of the product. How the manufacturer offers an easy interface for warranty registering and claiming warranty, determines the customer satisfaction with the brand and the product.

The Service Portal module on InSync Commerce enables the platform to allow the merchants to offer a self-service experience to users. This is a  self-service platform that can assist users to have their products registered for warranty and also come back to claim warranty for repairs.

Although manual intervention is often required for complex repair scenarios involving complex repair or replacement, an automated self-service interface makes the user journey partially hassle-free and also easy for the merchant to record the interaction with the user.

Functional Perspective of InSync Commerce Service Portal

The portal will have the feature to maintain a list of Serial Numbers of all items sold to customers. The Admin of the portal will have the authority to bulk upload Serial numbers and their respective warranty period (X months).

The user, after buying the product, will visit the service portal to register and activate the warranty. General practice is to activate within 30 days of product purchase. Warranty start is considered as the Purchase Date which the user has to input when registering warranty along with proof of purchase (e.g. Invoice).

During the product usage lifecycle, the user at some point might wish to have his product serviced/repaired. For that, he would first have to follow some steps starting with checking the warranty status of the product. If the warranty is active, he can confirm for getting the product serviced. A service request will be created where the user can see the status update made from the backend by the Admin at various steps ranging from receiving the product in the service center to repairing it and then sending it back to the user.


In certain industry verticals products have fixed or minimum repairing costs. The Admin of the portal can update such fixed/minimum repair costs per SKU from the backend.

In case a user wants to repair his product but his item is found to be outside warranty, the user will be shown the fixed/minimum repair cost. If he confirms, he will generate a service request and an order with the fixed repair cost for which the user can pay online.

If there is no fixed cost for the product, Merchant-side engineers after receiving and analyzing the product will conclude on the actual cost. The Admin from the backend will update the repair cost for the specific service request and the user from the front end will have to accept/deny the cost for getting the item serviced/repaired. Once he approves an Order with the service, the cost will be generated. The user can open the order, accessible from the dashboard and click and pay online. The Admin at the subsequent steps will update the service request document status until it is repaired and sent back to the user. At every status update the user can be notified over mail/SMS.

Warranty Registration by User and subsequent approval by Admin


Warranty claim and Service Request

Admin Activities within InSync Commerce Service Portal:

  • Bulk Upload Product Serial Numbers with their Warrant period (X months)
  • Input Fixed or Repair costs (optional)
  • Approve Warranty Register Requests
  • Input repair cost after offline evaluation of the product by engineers.
  • Update statuses of the Service request document on the portal

User Activities within InSync Commerce Service Portal:

  • Register Warranty for a product with Serial number, proof of purchase, etc.
  • Checklist of registered products
  • Check warranty at a later stage
  • Make a service request for in-warranty products at no cost.
  • Make a service request for out-of-warranty products at a fixed repair cost
  • Make a service request for out-of-warranty products at quoted repair cost which involves accepting the quoted repair cost.
  • Make online payment for the Order placed with the service cost.

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