eBay Integration with SAP Business One

eBay Integration with SAP Business One

eBay Integration with SAP Business One

Marketplace is another frontier of eRetail Business. Marketplace like eBay, Amazon, Best Buy ensures selling surplus products online without a large investment and much effort, to a trusted audience which numbered in millions.

In today’s competitive business scenario, a Retail Business should have multichannel sales where Physical Stores and eCommerce Storefronts ensure standard revenue; presence in Marketplace has a major role in sustainable growth by providing Merchants an additional Sales Channel.

With this thought in mind InSync launched its SBOeConnect- eBay Integration for SAP Business One Users which ensures a Bi-Directional Sync between SAP Business One ERP system with eBay website, offering a real-time sync of Items, Customers, Orders, Stock/Inventory Updates and Invoice updates between eBay Marketplace and SAP Business One.


Who can be benefited from this Integration?

  1. Small and Midsize Businesses using SAP Business One as their back office ERP and dealing in Retail Business, want to start up or already having Online Presence through eBay Marketplace
  2. SMEs using SAP Business One and eCommerce systems for eRetail Business, and want to open or already having eBay Merchant Account as an additional Sales Channel


Out of the Box Features of eBay and SAP Business One Integration:

To achieve this Integration, InSync used eBay APIs which are available by default for eBay and Third Party Systems Integration, and DIAPIs on the SAP Business One side. Integration developed using the Best Practices recommended by eBay as well as SAP.

Customer Synchronization: eBay has a million of users registered and as this is a Marketplace so no separate store available for different merchant. So following the basic rules, when a registered user purchase an Item in eBay, that User Details with their Primary Address and Shipping Address will be synced back to SAP Business One B.P Master Data. If User Addresses or other contact information updated in next purchase, those updates will also sync back to SAP Business One.

Order Synchronization: Sales Orders placed in eBay will sync back to SAP B1 as ERP Sales Orders. Active as well as Completed, both Sales Orders can be downloaded to SAP Business One through SBOeConnect eBay-SAP B1 Integration Connector. As eBay supports bidding, so the Item Price Differences will be shown as a Discount in SAP Business One Sales Order (Base Price-Discount = Bidding Price Accepted at Purchase).

Inventory Updates: SAP Business One Inventory Updates will be straight away updated in eBay product listing of the Seller Account. Inventories can be set for all Warehouses as a combined inventory, or you can set a particular warehouse for shopping through eBay Marketplace.


Business Benefits

  • Real time sync, eliminates chances data duplication and manual data entry efforts
  • Maps Marketplace Business to Back Office Accounting Process, ensures proper Accounting and Sales Reports for Planning and Sales Forecasting
  • Rapid Order Fulfillment, reduce Order Fulfillment Cycle, ensure Customer Satisfaction, positive reviews & rating and your Brand Trustability in Marketplace
  • Quick Inventory Updates resists ‘Out of Stock’ scenario in Marketplace
  • Further Newsletter and Other Marketing Campaign Planning through Marketplace Customer Records stored in your ERP system

Team InSync

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